Introducing Dynu In Media

Pioneering affiliate marketing excellence in Vietnam

North American and European networks have traditionally dominated affiliate marketing, however networks in other regions are now challenging more aggressively. First Israel, Russia and the Ukraine, and now Brazil, India and Vietnam: performance marketing is truly becoming a global industry.

Dynu In Media is a young, forward-thinking CPA marketing network based in Da Nang in Vietnam that has really begun to make an impact, with over 50 employees and 500 direct advertisers. Their CEO, Le Viet Khanh Vu, recently joined mThink Blue Book in a virtual conversation about the company, their strategy and the future.

Blue Book: Dynu In Media may well be unfamiliar for some of our audience. Can you give them a quick overview of who you are as a network and your areas of specialization?

Dynu In Media: We think of ourselves as Vietnam’s pioneer affiliate marketing network. We specialize in CPA and CPL business models in the US, CAD and Indian markets, and have plans to expand further in the near future. With over 10 years of experience in the affiliate industry, we are focused on delivering the best possible client service experience and to get the highest ROI for each and every advertiser. We already have a reputation for performance, transparency and professionalism. Now we want to better known across a broader audience as a truly leading network. It will take time, but that is the plan.

Blue Book: What is your 30 second “elevator pitch” to advertisers?

Dynu In Media: Our slogan is give your trust – get your value. We promise to combine quality traffic and great service to deliver the best results. We are strict about traffic quality, we build our own internal fraud prevention tools and we have a highly trained account management team. We strive to support advertisers 24/7, with the highest levels of professionalism. Over 500 advertisers already have direct relationships with us, and we are supplying over 500,000 leads per month. Our advertisers are very important to us.

Blue Book: And what would be your elevator pitch to a publisher?

Dynu In Media: We offer high payouts as result of our direct relationships with advertisers, with over 1,500 offers to choose from. We are quick and transparent with our payments – in as  little as 7 days, via Paypal, Wire transfer or Payoneer. In addition, our AM team provides support 24/7 whenever there might be a problem. We want publishers to have a great experience with us, so we guarantee that our policies will be clear and fair. In addition, we also have “special offers” for our long-term publishers that gives them even more value from the relationship.

Blue Book: You are growing very quickly. What do you think are the keys to your success and rapid growth?

Dynu In Media: I think it comes down to industry experience and investment in our team. Our founders have over a decade of experience in performance marketing, and have a mission to constantly improve the company’s knowledge base, culture and employee value. We started with just five employees but now have over 50. We have a young, enthusiastic, hard-working team that never stops learning. That is what we believe will create long-term, sustainable value for our partner advertisers and publishers.

Blue Book: Tell us about your areas of specialization. Do you focus on particular traffic sources or verticals?

Dynu In Media: We are a CPA network, so that includes pricing models such as CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI & CPC. Our publishers deliver us traffic from Display, Social, Search, Push, Email and Native channels, and we have an internal media-buying team as well. In addition, we have our own content sites in a number of verticals. It is a broad-based approach designed to deliver the best quality traffic to our advertiser campaigns. Regarding verticals, we currently focus on sweepstakes, market research, financial services & education. In the near future we will be active in nutra, health & beauty, home improvement, mortgages, and other verticals too.

Blue Book: What about GEOs?

Dynu In Media: Building Dynu In Media into a global network is the goal. We already have a number of very competitive campaigns in the USA, UK, CA, and some Asian countries, and it is expanding all the time.

Blue Book: What is your approach to technology? Do you have your own network platform or are you using a commercial SaaS solution?

Dynu In Media: We currently run on HasOffers however in the very near future we will be announcing the launch of our own custom-built platform. We have an internal development team that has built the new platform from scratch, as well our proprietary fraud prevention tools, in-house offers, and other technology initiatives. Our mission is to constantly develop and improve our technology solutions in order provide the best value for our customers and partners.

Blue Book: What are your plans for the next two years? What do you think a network needs to be doing now to be successful in the future?

Dynu In Media: Mostly, we are just working very hard. We want to be the best CPA network in the world. We want to build a brand and reputation that is highly respected, and that brings our core values to our advertisers and publishers: trust, value and performance.

Ultimately it means building solid relationships with our advertisers and publishers, by giving them a great service experience, dedication and professionalism. Providing top-performing campaigns with high payouts, optimized conversion rates, and great value is what we do day in and day out.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, based on a solid foundation of over 10 years of experience, and complete authenticity. We believe in the power of trust, along with a constant revolution in our approach. We are here for the long term, and we want to be leaders.