Are You Regularly Updating Email Campaigns To Keep Customers Engaged?

Publishers and advertisers know how important effective email strategies can be to their bottom lines. During the pandemic, email send volumes soared as brands looked for ways to reach their customers and encourage new online sales. Time and time again, email has proven itself to be effective — as long as senders manage subscriber fatigue, which can lead to diminishing results in email campaigns.

The following eight ways to refresh email campaigns help marketers maintain consumer interest, drive desired actions and keep email campaigns set up for long-term success.

  1. Personalize your personalization tactics. Personalization is critical to capture consumer attention. The opening greeting of emails should promote the message and can be uniquely personalized by rotating between using the customer’s name, the date, day of week or a special occasion, keeping emails fresh for the reader. For example, “Miranda, your shopping cart called — it’s feeling empty!”
  2. Change up those emojis. Emojis speak to the heart, especially the part of the heart that wants to open an email message. Remember, a smiley face goes a long way.
  3. Test day parts. If you’ve been sending email messages at the same time every day, test day parting with split tests to determine what days of the week or times of day yield the best results. In many cases, early in the morning is ideal, but an unlimited list of factors can influence what is best for your messaging and desired actions. (Don’t forget to test weekends, when many people are home and scrolling.)
  4. Get creative with images. It’s important to spark an emotional connection with readers. When possible, emails should include pictures of people that are relatable and engaging. For example, a real estate marketplace that uses a picture of a family moving into a modest home will likely resonate more than an image of a mansion most users of the real estate marketplace can’t afford.
  5. Don’t let disclaimers take over. Don’t overcomplicate emails with disclaimers that could end up scaring readers away. If disclaimers are required, consider providing a URL where all the disclaimers and terms can be read and keep the valuable real estate in the actual email focused on the message that drives results.
  6. Deploy discounts and deals. Coupons, promotions, deals, discounts and special offers are attractive to consumers and can be effectively promoted in email campaigns. Leverage both the subject line and copy to promote the deal, and highlight the expiration date to increase urgency.
  7. Make the CTAs clear and concise. Language in CTAs should be easy for readers to understand. Using words like “buy now,” start today,” “get your rate” and “click here”  let the reader know what action they need to take to achieve the desired results.
  8. Go beyond your email list. Email lists run the risk of going stale if they’re not regularly refreshed and expanded. Encourage new email subscriptions on your website, via social media and through third-party partnerships. Also consider outreach through third-party email lists — a great way to drive sales and newsletter subscriptions.

Strong Email Subject Lines Are A Must When It Comes To Creating Consumer Connections

An effective marketing campaign establishes an emotional connection with the consumer by delivering the right message at the right time and place. In email, emotional connections should begin with the subject line. If consumers aren’t opening emails, the earnings per click and conversion rates will suffer no matter the design of the email template. A strong, creative subject line, backed by an impactful email that leads to a landing page optimized for success, is critical for email campaigns to provide results that move the needle.

Email is the ultimate form of interruptive marketing, with a very small window to capture a consumer’s attention. A successful email marketing campaign will lead consumers every step of the way to a conversion point, offering a seamless story of urgency all the way to the “submit” button.

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