• You Can Build Successful Lead Partnerships! Here Are 5 Questions To Get You Started

    For advertisers, scaling their business often means finding the right lead providers. A robust flow of opted-in prospects can make the difference ... Read Article

    New additions, improvements, and added perks from your favorite CPA network

    What is CrakRevenue? Are you familiar with CrakRevenue? Launched over a decade ago, CrakRevenue is a CPA marketing platform powered by over ... Read Article

    FCC Says Ringless Voicemails Require Prior Consent

    “Ringless voicemails” are messages left in a consumer’s mailbox without ringing their cell phone. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from ... Read Article

    Consumer Shopping Trends to Look For in the 2022 Holiday Season

    As the holiday season approaches and retailers prepare to attract customers, it’s important to know who is shopping, when they’re shopping and ... Read Article

    FTC Reminds Lead Generators Not to Misuse Sensitive Consumer Data

    Lead generators and digital marketers, beware.  The issue of legitimate data use, reasonable expectations, disclosures, affirmative consent, data privacy compliance and lead ... Read Article

    Use of Certain Technologies to Track Web Session Data May Violate Law

    Attention Lead Generators. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that use of certain technologies on a websites in order to ... Read Article

    Don't forget about click-to-call: the most underrated vertical for social media traffic

    Pay-per-call is often overlooked by performance marketers when choosing a vertical to monetize the traffic in. It is particularly puzzling when it ... Read Article

    Why The Speed of Relevance Can Help You Win

    Every crisis is an opportunity. This is not a new insight, but in 2022 it bears special significance.  The performance marketing industry ... Read Article

    CFPB Issues Warning About Contractual Gag Clauses and Consumer Reviews

    On March 22, 2022 the CFPB issued a policy statement on contractual “gag” clauses and fake review fraud.  While the bulleting indicates ... Read Article

    New Blue Book Top 20 CPS Affiliate Network Results

    The Best Cost-Per-Sale Affiliate Networks In 2022 Best CPS / Affiliate Network Overall Joint-winners (first time ever!) Awin Group       Rakuten Affiliate ... Read Article

    New Blue Book Results: Top 20 CPA Affiliate Networks For 2022

    Best CPA Network Overall: Perform[cb] Perform[cb] continue their multi-year run as our best-rated CPA network overall. They have been consistently assertive in the ... Read Article

    FTC Rules With Civil Monetary Penalties for Deceptive Earnings Claims and Targeted Marketing May Be Forthcoming

    Accountable Tech has recently filed a petition for an FTC rulemaking that would ban “surveillance advertising” as an “unfair method of competition.”  ... Read Article

    Top 4 Ways To Make Your Call Campaigns More Successful

    Inbound call campaigns connect advertisers with high-intent, interested consumers the moment they’re ready to engage, resulting in 100% contact rates. But, for ... Read Article

    Shaping the Perfect Matchmaker for Content Creators

    It is now official: Content Creators and Influencers are the new MVPs in the web marketing game. Influencer marketing is today’s fastest-growing ... Read Article

    Removing Barriers for Influencers and Content Creators

    Whether the platform is Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, a podcast, or a blog; influencers and content creators are at the top of ... Read Article
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