What is CrakRevenue?

Are you familiar with CrakRevenue?

Launched over a decade ago, CrakRevenue is a CPA marketing platform powered by over 100 passionate experts and driven by its affiliates’ success. 

CrakRevenue was created by affiliates for affiliates and always aims to provide its users with top-converting offers in the most lucrative verticals out there. 

Traffic monetization was at the heart of CrakRevenue’s creation and remains its driving force today. For the past three years, the affiliation platform has sat in the 5th spot in mThink Blue Book’s Top 20 CPA network survey.

Last year, it joined the top 3 best CPA networks for advertisers and merchants. 

If you haven’t cast your vote in this year’s Blue Book survey, now’s your chance to weigh in and select your favorite CPA network of the year. 


But don’t take our word for it – here is CrakRevenue’s year-in-review, from improved tools to new offers. 

CrakRevenue over the past year

Over the last year, CrakRevenue offered its affiliates an array of new options. 

250 offers were added to its roster, ranging across nine verticals. These include gaming, CBD, cam, dating, sweepstakes, beauty, and health, among others. 

As of October 2022, CrakRevenue has an inventory of over 640 offers available to its affiliates. 

To help its users provide the best experience to their traffic and get the best conversions, the CPA network has also added over 18 500 new creatives to its inventory, from banners to pre-rolls and widgets. 

Now more than ever, CrakRevenue affiliates are equipped with the best instruments to convert their traffic into high-quality leads. But that’s not all – new offers are great, but tools to make affiliate marketing a simple, lucrative venture are even better.

New bitcoin payment is now available

In 2022, CrakRevenue added bitcoin payments to its options to make payment as easy as possible for their affiliates worldwide. 

Along with wire transfer, Paxum, PayPal, ACH, and ePay, bitcoin payments aim to provide simplicity, flexibility, and security while helping affiliates achieve their goals. 

This year, cryptocurrency is at the forefront of digital innovation, and CrakRevenue is always trying to stay ahead of the curve. 

Listening to affiliate needs and preferences is at the heart of each decision. 

Increased security with identity validation

CrakRevenue was the first CPA network to introduce AI-powered identity validation in 2022. 

In collaboration with Jumio, the platform introduced an identity validation process in hopes of lowering account fraud risks as well as keeping up with compliance requirements. 

Jumio, an AI-powered identity-proofing service, has verified over 500 million identities since its creation! CrakRevenue was looking forward to joining forces with the tool in order to increase fraud protection. 

This also contributed to improving advertiser partnerships. What does this mean? More exclusive affiliate programs and offers, additional bumps, and higher payouts for CrakRevenue users. 

With a simple ID picture and corroborating selfie, affiliates were quickly and easily able to identify their identity and continue using the platform with increased security. 

Revamped tools

To improve user experience, CrakRevenue also worked on revamping its top offers section, upgrading the offer display to present details in a more straightforward, more efficient way. 

Affiliates can now access information such as promoted brands, target audiences, and best monetization strategies right from their profile. 

Each top offer also introduces key selling points and user experience features (under “Offer Description”). In the Additional Information section, affiliates can access details on the target audience and top promotional methods

The display is easy to navigate, concise, and full of crucial information for higher conversions. 

Aiming for the top

Over the past year, over 1 485 123 632 clicks were recorded on CrakRevenue’s affiliate offers, and over 50 000 affiliates registered on the platform in the past twelve months. 

Have you tried CrakRevenue yet?

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