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By Maxime Bergeron, CrakRevenue

For the past 10 years, CrakRevenue has been making its way to the top. Focusing on customer relationships, innovation, and lead by a talented and driven team. It’s no wonder that the company has become one of the best CPA Networks in the world and has been in mThink’s Blue Book Top 10 CPA Networks for the past five years in a row. To shine some light on this success, here are the top 10 reasons why CrakRevenue is the best CPA Network year after year:

The Neatest Platform Interface Out There

There are thousands of CPA networks, but only one with a user-friendly interface affiliates really love. It’s easy to get promoted if your products are easy to find, and explained thoroughly. There’s no room for mistakes, only for payouts.

Affiliate Rewards and Ranking

At CrakRevenue, if affiliates work hard, they will be noticed. If they want to know where they stand, it is easy to track. Affiliates that do well also get special perks and rewards.

In-App Notifications

Cap reaches, payout updates, and offer status changes are all available via our dashboard at the click of a button.

Top-Notch Affiliate Team

Training is our top in-house priority. It is how we make sure that affiliates get their answers when opening a chat bubble or sending in a support email. Tired of getting a new affiliate manager every 3 months? Who wouldn’t. That’s why affiliates get a dedicated manager who stays with them.

World-Class Business Intelligence Insights

Every funnel gets converted one way or another. With the best B.I. around, we find out how it happened by seeing patterns of regularity where you wouldn’t expect. We have become experts with how a browse becomes a purchase.

90-day New Affiliate Onboarding

Beginner affiliates are just as important as veteran affiliates. By ensuring partners are on track and supported throughout the onboarding process, we make sure to value long-term relationships.

Top Converting Exclusive Offers in the Most Profitable Verticals

There’s no point in marketing if you’ve got nothing to sell. With exclusive partnerships such as BlueChew for example, we make sure our offers are among the highest converters in the whole affiliate marketing landscape.

State of the Art Smartlinks Technology

New levels of industry-leading Business Intelligence integrated into our Smartlinks streamlines our sales funnels with pinpoint precision.

Access to Exclusive Partner Discounts

Buying power is fun. With years of partnership development, we can offer attractive discounts on top affiliate resources across the board. https://www.crakrevenue.com/affiliate/resources/

Multilingual Live Chat Support

Everyone expresses themselves best in their mother tongue. We thought of that too, by offering support in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and even Dutch.

These top 10 reasons why CrakRevenue is the best CPA network give you a small glimpse into our company and why we plan on leading the next phase of affiliate marketing. www.crakrevenue.com.