As the #1 rated Pay-Per-Call network, we at Aragon have made it a priority to provide our affiliates and advertisers with a clear path to ROI in mobile marketing, and especially in Pay Per Call. Pay-Per-Call works across a wide range of verticals. Here are the top three verticals that have shown the strongest growth and deliver the highest returns.


According to U.S. Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve, American households owe an average of $8,161 in credit card debt, and collectively $1.03 trillion is owed to credit card companies today. Consequently, the average credit score of US consumers is 695, a credit rating of “Fair.”

To remedy this, credit repair and debt consolidation have become booming industries that can help alleviate this very real problem, while providing service for those that want to take action.

  • Credit Repair: 35% of Americans have a report of debt in collections (roughly 77 million US citizens). To combat this trend, Credit Repair companies help people to remove negative items from their credit report. As a result, they experience an improvement in their credit score and can receive lower interest rates. By using pay per call, eager customers are connected with waiting agents, ready to make significant steps.
  • Debt Consolidation: Like credit repair, debt consolidation offers to combine outstanding debts into one payment to raise a person’s credit viability. This helps consumers to avoid the confusion that comes from paying off multiple debtors and consolidate their life. With pay per call, callers are put in contact with companies that can offer a way out of their predicament and ultimately simplify their lives with one easy monthly payment


Insurance is a broad industry, but it encompasses all facets of life to mitigate potential risk for individuals. This means that consumers will shop around to find the lowest deductibles or co-payments for services online, whether this includes health insurance or automobile insurance (and so forth). With the vast array of insurance companies available by website, there is still a significant demand for the details of an insurance policy to be discussed over the phone, making this pay per call vertical extremely lucrative for knowledgeable agents that provide the best service to motivated customers.

  • Health Insurance: Health insurance is a popular vertical for our clients, as growth projects are steady, while regulations have loosened to encompass new providers in the industry.
  • Medicare Insurance: Over 44 million individuals use Medicare in the United States.  This includes both older individuals aged 65 or older, as well as younger individuals with disabilities. Those that qualify for Medicare have an urgent need to find the best insurance policy at the most affordable rates. Considering many of these individuals live on a fixed income, consumers are motivated to speak with agents via pay per call to ensure that their needs are met, and they can live comfortably.
    • Market Growth: 8.8 million individuals signed up for Medicare in 2017, following the previous year’s trend at 8.7 million in 2016. As of 2020, it is expected that the Medicare Insurance industry is expected to rise 7.4%, which is has been higher than the previous decade.
  • Life Insurance: With older generations looking to secure their wealth and provide for their families in the event of death, life insurance has seen an overwhelming global growth. This spans nearly every age group with 44% of younger individuals ages 18 – 29 to 65% of those age 65-and-over having some form of life insurance. With 5 billion people connected to the internet as of 2020 (1.8 billion as of 2018) and the rise of a global middle class in places like China and India (as well as the United States), consumers are looking for a way to secure their future through waiting life insurance agents, made available through pay per call services
  • Auto Insurance: Auto insurance is not just important for getting car loans, it’s mandated in most states in the U.S. In fact, 49 states in America require every car owner or driver to have auto liability insurance — New Hampshire being the one exception. However, even in the Granite State, most auto lenders require borrowers to have some form of insurance before loans are issued. That being said, 32% of US consumers said they prefer to deal directly with agents and carriers to carry out their decision-making.
    • Market Growth: With auto insurance comprising a $259 billion industry , there have been projections of the industry undergoing a radical transformation due to new technology, which makes it a perfect opportunity for agile startups to fill the gap that larger insurers may miss out on.

Home Services

Due to time constraints or lack of skills, many homeowners are increasingly hiring home service providers to help with tasks such as roofing, painting, and other home improvements. The home service industry is growing at a tremendous pace, current estimates currently at $400 billion per year (as of 2018).

  • Water Damage: Water damage is a catch-all term for mitigating damage caused by burst pipes, overflowing water sources, lack of irrigation, natural disasters (like floods and excessive precipitation), and mold-related damage caused by water.
  • Locksmith: Locksmith services have always been in demand when consumers damage their locks or become locked-out of their home for various reasons. Customers want the problem to be resolved in the most convenient way possible (and available 24/7).
    • Market Growth: As of 2017, the locksmith industry was at$ 1.856 billion, with a projected growth to $1.894 in 2020. [Source ]
  • TV/Internet: As television and Internet-based entertainment becoming a competitive and lucrative industry currently at $64 billion as of 2017), consumers have taken to the internet to shop for the best price and the best service.

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As you may have noticed, digital advertising has come a long way. From the beginnings of obtrusive ads that used to clog the web pages in both size and bandwidth, today’s advertisements are smarter. These modern advertisements take advantage of the most intuitive technology, running on any device and allowing marketers to precisely target demographics with dynamic precision. These developments have created a treasure trove of opportunity for publishers and advertisers looking to increase their revenue streams. With Pay Per Call, active buyers are instantly routed to your phone without the overhead and uncertainty of prospecting.

Want proof? Consider the following:

  • Studies have shown that most people spend at least three hours a day on their mobile devices. Whether it’s checking and updating social media pages, writing emails, or surfing the internet, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasingly the preferred devices for accessing the web. Nevertheless, when customers are ready to buy, a study by Google confirms that 70% of consumers use click-to-call to finalize their decision-making.
  • As of 2018, 62% percent of consumers use mobile devices to research products and services before making purchases —and this trend is expected to grow.

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