Effective media buying is a critically important component of successful campaigns. CPM-based media can sometimes be over-looked yet it offers real benefits when approached in a strategic manner.  Madrivo is one of the powerhouses of the affiliate marketing industry with a thriving network built upon proprietary technology, combined with agency services to provide highly-rated advertiser experiences. Ninfa Cabello leads their business development team. We sat down with her recently to obtain insights into how Madrivo delivers strategic value to advertisers using CPM media. 

Blue Book: Imagine you are working with an advertiser on a new product launch. How can CPM media help push the rapid growth needed?

Ninfa Cabello: The great thing about CPM media is that it is a quick and effective way to reach new customers. Email CPMs attract potential customers and get them interested in the product or service. It’s a low risk model so it gives advertisers the opportunity to start with smaller email sends and grow from there. Instead of having to jump in head first, they can take baby steps to figure out what works best for their brand. Early wins, even on a fairly small scale, lead to a rise in confidence and a willingness to opt for more advanced campaign models as you go along. CPM is also great for testing offers. For a few thousand dollars you can buy a million impressions or more and learn from in-depth analytics to optimize your campaigns.

BB: How does CPM help with budgets?

NC: CPM payment structure offers an economical choice because costs do not fluctuate like they can with Cost-Per-Action or Pay-Per-Click. Paying on a Cost-Per-Thousand impressions provides a more predictable payment structure, which means you are able to reach more potential customers while keeping spend low. In addition, utilizing a high-volume CPM media plan often results in effective cost savings and improvements in ROI.

BB: Why email CPM over other traffic channels?

NC: Email is one of the most effective and affordable digital marketing strategies. For every $1 spent, you have the potential to earn $42, that’s an ROI of 4,200%. In our experience, paying for email traffic will have a much larger return compared to other traffic. In addition, email analytics like open, bounce and click rates can give crucial insights into the behaviors and interest of your audience, thus allowing you to adjust your campaigns to find the best possible results.


Ninfa Cabello, Director of Business Development, leads a successful and talented team of business development professionals for Madrivo. Her team has been instrumental in maintaining a better than 300% annual growth rate for Madrivo and develop long-term relationships with premiere retail, financial, and service-industry clients. In the past, Ninfa worked with large brands and managed in excess of $3 million monthly budgets. She helped advertisers capture market share by developing and executing an aggressive advertiser marketing strategy. Ninfa holds a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in International Marketing and a minor in Psychology.