Navigating the path to success in 2024 requires advertisers to strategically choose lead providers. The flow of opted-in prospects can be the game-changer for a thriving year. Building effective and fruitful lead partnerships begins with posing five key questions. As we gear up for the dynamic spring and summer seasons, these questions can kickstart essential conversations shaping lead partnerships.

Question 1: Are You Experienced In Running Campaigns Aligned With My Goals?

Initiating discussions between advertisers and lead providers should focus on compatibility. Advertisers should clarify their goals, considering factors like email deliverability, volume and data handling. Transparency is key – both parties need to openly discuss campaign expectations, goals, KPIs, follow-up capabilities, pricing, lead types and expectation management. If a partner is hesitant to share crucial details, it raises concerns about the partnership’s integrity.

Question 2: What Is Your Approach To Compliance?

Compliance is non-negotiable in a true partnership. Advertisers must inquire about lead providers’ compliance strategies, validation technologies and overall commitment. As regulations tighten, compliance remains paramount. At DMS, our operationalized compliance, supported by in-house legal and compliance teams, ensures peace of mind amid evolving regulations.

Question 3: Does Your Media Mix Align With Quality, Compliance And Diversity?

Understanding how leads are generated, their origin and compliance levels is crucial. Brand safety should be a priority, and advertisers need to ensure a balanced media mix from lead providers.

Question 4: How Familiar Are You With My Industry Vertical?

Vertical expertise is invaluable. Advertisers should delve into lead providers’ knowledge of specific industries, understanding their client base and relevant regulations. Familiarity with the nuances of a vertical enhances targeting capabilities and improves the chances of reaching opted-in prospects.

Question 5: What Assurances Can You Provide Regarding Audience Targeting?

Lead campaigns vary, and assurance in reaching the target audience is crucial. Effective lead partnerships hinge on filters, drill-down capabilities, and audience sourcing aligning with advertisers’ targeting needs. A gradual “crawl, walk, run” approach, accompanied by a well-executed testing period, ensures mutual satisfaction, allowing lead partnerships to flourish. 

Embark on a successful journey in 2024 by asking these questions and shaping lead partnerships that drive results.

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