Affiliate marketing is constantly evolving however one thing remains the same: it is intensely competitive. Affiliates must continuously search for new opportunities and are faced each day with a multitude of choices in where they should invest their time and media spend. The problem is made more difficult by complexity: marketing campaigns rely upon many steps, each being optimised effectively and working efficiently. It is not easy or simple to coordinate a successful performance marketing campaign. 

The value of experienced affiliate networks like MaxBounty in this environment cannot be overstated. With their deep industry knowledge and specialized tools, these networks offer affiliates crucial support, aiding in the development of effective, profitable campaigns. MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated campaigns take that support to a new level, and in so doing, highlight the significant benefits of partnering with a seasoned affiliate network in today’s dynamic market. 

What are ‘Owned and Operated’ Campaigns?

An “Owned and Operated” campaign means one that was created by MaxBounty and is owned by them. This means there is no third-party merchant or brand owner involved. The campaigns are exclusive to MaxBounty’s network, and MaxBounty is able to determine all campaign details such as the payout, traffic source permissions, GEOs and creative.

The owned and operated campaigns that MaxBounty currently offers its affiliates fall into several highly profitable verticals including financial, education, insurance, and home services. The network is continuing to introduce new offerings and tells us that they are likely to soon be introducing campaigns in other verticals as well.  

On the surface, these campaigns might sound like regular campaigns, only with MaxBounty having a little more control, but that additional control provides many benefits for affiliates that directly increase their earning capabilities. 

Offering Affiliates Unprecedented Flexibility

MaxBounty first launched their owned and operated campaigns in 2022. Since then, they have become increasingly popular with their affiliates. The amount paid out to their affiliate base from these campaigns has also risen every quarter since they were launched. 

This continued growth can be largely attributed to a single factor: these campaigns enable MaxBounty to work one-on-one with their affiliates to ensure they achieve profitability. This is accomplished by providing optimization assistance and next-level insight into campaign performance.

Conversion rates, payouts, and other campaign parameters can be quickly optimized to meet the specific needs of each affiliate. In addition, affiliates can learn exactly how their campaigns are performing with different demographics, locations, and channels. They can then make the necessary alterations based on that data to improve their campaign performance.

For example, let’s say an affiliate promoting one of these campaigns needs to reach a specific EPC to achieve a positive ROI. MaxBounty can alter the rate of their campaign to ensure it continues to be profitable for that affiliate. It’s a mutually beneficial advancement to the network/affiliate relationship. 

Affiliates can also expect unlimited scaling potential on MaxBounty’s owned campaigns. As long as they are sending quality leads, MaxBounty can keep the campaign(s) uncapped. 

Combined, all of the above benefits can be a true difference maker for affiliates looking for their next profitable campaign. In addition, affiliates promoting these campaigns can also look forward to:

  • Wide traffic source freedom including SMS traffic
  • Flexible payout types including both CPL and CPC 
  • Customized conversion points
  • Fast campaign approval  
  • Sub-source quality checks being completed within 24 hours

MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated Campaigns By the Numbers

As many benefits as there are to promoting these campaigns, it’s ultimately numbers that will matter most to affiliates. Here are some impressive performance data of MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated campaigns as of December 2023: 

  • MaxBounty affiliates have received a combined $3.5 million in affiliate payouts so far in 2023
  • MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated campaigns convert 30% more than comparable campaigns in similar verticals 
  • MaxBounty affiliates promoting these campaigns see close to 1 in 4 clicks leading to a conversion

Offering Advertisers Greater Transparency

It’s not just affiliates who can benefit from MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated campaigns. Advertisers can also work with MaxBounty and benefit from an immediate increase in lead quality.  

This is because these campaigns have robust pre-qualifying measures in place that can vet leads prior to reaching an advertiser’s brand, including:

  •  Proprietary fraud monitoring software 
  •  Pre-qualifying questions that can determine whether or not leads are a fit for specific  advertiser
  •  Pre-approved creative

All of these factors can provide advertisers with a greater level of transparency—something that they will rarely turn down. 


Promoting MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated campaigns offer a unique opportunity for affiliates to gain greater insight and flexibility. Together, that can form a powerful combination that can help increase both conversions and profitability. 

For affiliates seeking to evolve their campaign strategy and improve earnings, this offering from one of the industry’s best-regarded networks is well worth investigating. Blue Book Recommended.

If you are already a MaxBounty affiliate, contact your Affiliate Manager and ask how you can start promoting MaxBounty’s Owned + Operated campaigns today. 

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