• Blue Book

    The BLUE BOOK Top 20 is not a simple list of the biggest networks. Instead, it takes into account reputation, influence, clientele, popularity and scale.

    An important part of the ranking process is the major industry survey that we carry out each year. In the survey, we use a mix of open-field and multiple-choice questions in order to identify the respondent’s favorite networks for running CPA, affiliate and pay per call campaigns. The questionnaire is designed to minimize selection-bias caused by prompting or by which networks we include first in a pick-list. In all, some 500 networks are included in our initial considerations with around 100 included within. the survey itself.

    In addition to the survey, we research and aggregate expert views, traffic data, measures of industry influence and as many other pieces of data as we can gather. We also have a strong Blue Ribbon Panel of respected leaders in the industry that help provide insight and evaluation.

    The final result of all these deliberations is the BLUE BOOK: our carefully curated selection of the best performance marketing networks in the world.

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