An interview with FlexOffers’ Chuck Ryan

FlexOffers has been a Blue Book top 5 network for several years now, a huge achievement in an industry dominated by giant affiliate networks and partner marketing platforms. For 2024 they have developed an all-new publisher-facing platform, designed to be best in class. We talked with their director of affiliate marketing, Chuck Ryan, to find out how they went about it.

mThink: Tell our readers what the new platform offers to your partners?
Chuck Ryan: Our new Flexoffers Publisher Pro platform is the ultimate toolkit for publisher partners . Whether it’s our plug and play Flexlinks (our affiliate link automation tool), our robust APIs, or our customizable product widgets, we offer a seamless and intuitive experience to our publishers. We empower publishers to scale their revenue effortlessly. With advanced features, comprehensive reporting, and personalized strategy from a team of industry veterans we ensure that publishers have everything they need to thrive in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape. From streamlined campaign management to actionable insights, is your gateway to success.

mThink: What were your goals when you began development?
Chuck Ryan: Our mission was to create a best of breed publisher platform, by drawing from industry insights, firsthand knowledge, and customer feedback. We focused on creating a more efficient, intuitive, and effective solution. By identifying advantages and inefficiencies of several platforms including our own, we set to work building a platform that prioritizes practicality and speed without sacrificing quality.

mThink: What will the new platform mean for a publisher?
Chuck Ryan: A publisher’s life is hard. Imagine trying to promote over 12k advertisers spread across 60+ networks and countries? With each one representing different methods of reporting, links, payments, contacts? By adopting a publisher first “one umbrella” mindset and seamlessly integrating all those networks, advertisers & countries & providing one point of contact we at Flexoffers make it easy. Fully knowing that a publisher hopes to spend as little time as possible in any affiliate platform, we worked effortlessly to make it, so they don’t have to. For a publisher trying to scale their business, nothing is more precious than time.

mThink: How will the new platform help a publisher improve their ROAS?
Chuck Ryan: By highlighting key data to publishers, we allow them to easily choose the best performing campaigns. We highlight best network payouts, advertiser EPC’s, network, and category rankings, as well as top converting offers and products network or category wide. By making all this data transparent we make it easy for publishers to succeed. Through our robust reporting API’s and our ability to provide real time server to server reporting, publishers can fine-tune their campaigns with precision. This enables them to target the right audience, optimize their strategies based on real-time data, and maximize their ROI. Ultimately, the platform empowers publishers to make informed decisions that drive higher conversions and increase their ROAS.

mThink: AI is the hot subject of the moment. How do you think that is going to fit into affiliate marketing over the next three years?
Chuck Ryan: AI is revolutionizing affiliate marketing by enabling precise targeting, personalized recommendations, and efficient campaign optimization. It analyzes vast data, predicts consumer behavior, and improves ROI for affiliates and advertisers. As AI evolves, it will be crucial to identify and prioritize tools for scaling efficiently. It is poised to become a standard in affiliate marketing, driving superior results and enhancing user experience.

mThink: FlexOffers is in an extremely competitive industry. What is the differentiator that allows you to survive and thrive?
Chuck Ryan: thrives in a competitive industry through our commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional service. Our experienced team of veteran affiliate marketers prioritize building strong relationships with both affiliates and advertisers, offering a comprehensive platform with advanced tools for campaign management and optimization. Our dedication to providing tailored solutions, superior support, and transparent reporting sets us apart, ensuring the success of our partners and driving sustainable growth in the dynamic affiliate marketing landscape.

mThink: Is technology or client service more important?
Chuck Ryan: Both technology and client service are vital for success. Technology enables efficient campaign management, tracking, and optimization, while client service fosters strong relationships, understanding of needs, and guidance for maximizing results. Striking a balance between advanced technology and excellent client service is crucial for long-term success in this competitive industry. What good is a superior set of tools without an expert craftsman to wield them?

Our interview subject:

Chuck Ryan is Director of Affiliate Marketing at FlexOffers. He is a seasoned veteran in affiliate marketing with over 20 years of experience spanning Advertiser, Publisher, and Network roles. His deep understanding and strategic insight help consistently exceed customer expectations. With a long track record of exceeding targets, fostering innovation, and shaping industry trends, Chuck helps FlexOffers delivers impactful customer solutions.