In the performance marketing landscape, mastering pay-per-call campaigns demands a strategic blend of innovation and collaboration. Here, we unpack a detailed roadmap to elevate your campaigns, which can help drive robust sales and heightened engagement.

Leveraging Social Media For Publisher Discovery

Finding reputable publishers requires a meticulous approach. Begin your journey by delving into social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn – and even Skype. Simply searching for “pay per call” can unveil a decent range of potential partners. Engage in relevant discussions across platforms and forums to initiate preliminary vetting processes and gain invaluable insights into publishers who might be the right fit.

Asking The Right Questions In Publisher Partnerships

Take the next step in finding the most beneficial publisher partnerships by asking the right questions and gaining deeper insights. Consider the following to ensure a fruitful collaboration:

  • Offerings And Expertise: Understand what publishers can offer, their operational expertise across different verticals and their preferred call generation methods.
  • Compliance And Commitment: Check if publishers have their own compliance department, which can indicate their seriousness about a long-term relationship.
  • Alignment With Objectives: Ensure their approach aligns with your campaign objectives and the preferences of your target audience.
  • Track Record And Proficiency: Delve into their track record and industry tenure to assess their reliability and proficiency in leveraging targeting capabilities.
  • Compatibility Of Call Generation: Gain clarity on their call generation mechanisms to ensure these are compatible with your campaign requirements.

Rigorous Vetting Procedures For Publisher Confidence

Adopt a proactive vetting stance by scheduling video calls to establish face-to-face rapport and verify the legitimacy of opportunities. Request access to call recordings and scripts to assess the quality of engagements and validate compliance adherence. Scrutinize their landing pages, creative assets and historical campaign performance to gauge operational integrity and audience interest. Vigilance during the post-launch phase, including meticulous call monitoring, facilitates real-time optimization and ensures alignment with campaign objectives.

Streamlining Campaign Management Through Network Partnerships

Often, advertisers seek streamlined solutions to help them navigate the complexities of campaign management, including collaborating with well-reputed networks like Digital Media Solutions to help broaden their reach and gain a customized, scalable full-service approach. From a dedicated customer support team to operationalized compliance and a proprietary ad distribution platform, partnering with DMS, recently named the Best CPA Network for Affiliates and Publishers by mThink, can offer reliability and scale for pay-per-call campaigns.

Publishers Earn More With DMS

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