As 2017 comes to an end, here’s a wrap up showing our network activity during the first half of the year by the numbers.

The USA maintains the leading position in all aspects of sales: affiliates, vendors and shoppers alike. The UK and EU’s top economic drivers, Germany and France, follow closely behind, while the Netherlands and Japan both move up a few spots in our ranking.

Our top-selling products are in the Security & Utilities niche, including all system cleaning and back-up solutions, PC optimizers and other titles that keep our hardware healthy and performing at full speed. Second place belongs to the Audio & Video niche, a very sought-after category that continues to grow, especially now that everything is digital and we all need software to enable our endless online opportunities. The Multimedia & Design also grew as a niche, followed closely by Internet Tools and Business & Finance categories.

Content remains the most prominent traffic driver in our network, which is a confirmed quality indicator – our affiliates also use social media to leverage their businesses, offer discount coupons or specialize in SEM and Email Marketing. As part of our Claim Your Affiliate Kingdom contest, the Write a Review initiative was created specifically to encourage our content affiliates to sell more with better content.

Based on the numbers, if we were to describe our typical affiliate during H1 2017, we’d say that this affiliate owns a B2C business and probably a software reviews website, is from the US and targets that market. The affiliate probably drives traffic through content and social media, and finds that the best-selling products are antiviruses and several audio & video editing tools.

In other news, our company has acquired 2Checkout, and we’re a happy and growing team. Our network has everything it needs to keep growing over the next years. So if you’re a digital goods affiliate looking for a (serious) partner in crime you can apply for registration here. Cheers and keep in touch!