It’s no secret that diverse, omnichannel marketing campaigns are the ticket to reaching more consumers when and where they are shopping. But when looking at all the available channels and options, advertisers should remember how powerful affiliate marketing can be for reaching consumers outside their usual touchpoints and capturing new, high-intent shoppers. 

Understanding How Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You

Understanding the power of affiliate marketing is just the beginning of launching affiliate campaigns, and increasing your engagement and conversions. Keep reading for answers to the most common affiliate marketing questions.

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Why should I add affiliate marketing to my marketing mix?

Affiliate marketing creates demand, it doesn’t just meet it. With affiliate marketing, you are expanding your reach to audiences who you may not have reached otherwise or may have reached with just traditional, very targeted marketing. Those channels are important, but by adding affiliate marketing into the mix, you might get customers who didn’t realize they needed you until they sat down at their computer that day. 

What channels are included in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing works within every media channel. Commonly leveraged media channels for affiliate marketing campaigns include email, push notifications, newsletters, native advertising, social media, content and blogs, and programmatic display advertising.

How are affiliate marketing campaigns built?

Carefully and with a lot of thought. Before launch, an advertiser working with an affiliate network shares the campaign objectives, and the affiliate network develops a customized campaign to achieve the objectives. Campaign parameters can be broad or narrow, including audience targeting, day-of-week targeting, and creative restrictions. The affiliate network then coordinates with the publishers best able to achieve the campaign objectives, and the advertiser pays only when the pre-defined campaign action is achieved. Any brand that wants to scale its marketing efforts can benefit from affiliate marketing. Successful affiliate marketing campaigns benefit from well-defined objectives and a feedback loop that allows for continual campaign optimization.

How can I secure the right publishers for my affiliate marketing campaign?

Strong affiliate networks help advertisers connect with audiences across consumer segments, providing scalability for top brands. DMS Performance Ad Market, a top-ranked affiliate network, leverages the latest tracking and quality assurance technology, proven conversion-enhancing optimization techniques, and expert, one-to-one support to help well-known brands achieve their marketing objectives while paying only for results.

How do I know my affiliate partners are keeping my information confidential?

Affiliate marketing campaigns are managed by reputable affiliate networks that follow advertising and messaging laws and regulations, verify data in real-time and provide campaign and performance transparency. When selecting an affiliate network, look for one that has operationalized compliance, like DMS, to help ensure brand safety.

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