In the dynamic digital marketing landscape, embracing diverse and multichannel strategies is key to reaching a broader audience. While various channels are available, one powerful approach that can be overlooked is affiliate marketing. Discover the potential of affiliate marketing and how it can catapult your brand into new territories, capturing high-intent consumers beyond your usual touchpoints.

1. Unlock Demand With Affiliate Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing that meets existing demand, affiliate marketing creates demand. By expanding your reach through affiliates, you tap into audiences untouched by targeted marketing, potentially reaching customers who didn’t know they needed your product or service.

2. Access Growth Across Multiple Channels With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing seamlessly integrates with various media channels, offering versatility in campaign execution. Leverage email, push notifications, newsletters, native advertising, social media, articles and programmatic display advertising to maximize your campaign’s impact.

3. Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Craft your affiliate marketing campaign meticulously by defining clear objectives. Collaborate with an affiliate network to customize campaigns based on broad or narrow parameters, including audience targeting, day-of-week targeting and creative restrictions. Optimize campaigns continually for lasting success. “The benefit of working with an affiliate network is that you are working with a team of account executives and affiliate managers utilizing their digital magnifying glass, so to speak, to find the publishers who are going to work with your specific needs. Not every single publisher is going to be right for your campaign, and that’s what we are here to do for you – find the right fit,” explained Deanna Moy, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DMS.

4. Choose The Right Publishers For Affiliate Strategies

Partnering with strong affiliate networks is crucial for connecting with diverse consumer segments. DMS, which boasts a top-ranked affiliate network, provides proven conversion-enhancing optimization techniques, cutting-edge tracking technology and one-to-one support to ensure top brands achieve marketing objectives efficiently.

5. Prioritize Confidentiality & Compliance For Results That Last

Entrust your affiliate marketing campaigns to reputable performance ad networks like DMS, committed to compliance with advertising laws and regulations. DMS operationalizes compliance, ensuring brand safety through real-time data verification, transparency in campaign performance and maintaining confidentiality. “At DMS, each publisher has a dedicated affiliate manager, ensuring you stay ahead in finding the right partners. With account executives and managers skilled in crafting impactful and enduring campaigns, you’re accessing decades of historical experience. In this ever-evolving landscape, having a compliant ad network adds an extra layer of assurance, making it the ideal path for success and sustained and scalable growth,” said Moy.

Elevate Your 2024 Strategy With DMS Affiliate Marketing Expertise

As we approach 2024, affiliate marketing is a powerhouse for brands seeking scalable and diverse customer acquisition. Harness the expertise of the experts at DMS to unlock new opportunities and achieve your marketing goals.

Leverage DMS To Launch Your Publisher Campaigns

Acting as a point of connection between leading advertisers and successful, high-quality publishers, DMS helps grow businesses by sourcing new, quality customers through more channels than advertisers can reach on their own. Our seasoned experts and proprietary ad distribution platform make it safe and easy to achieve your desired campaign results. Contact DMS today!

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