You Can Build Successful Lead Partnerships! Here Are 5 Questions To Get You Started

For advertisers, scaling their business often means finding the right lead providers. A robust flow of opted-in prospects can make the difference between a good year and a stellar year. In order to find reliable leads that convert, advertisers and publishers need to forge productive partnerships that work for both parties, which begins with asking the right questions. As we head into the busy spring and summer seasons, the following five questions can help you start the important conversations that facilitate effective and fruitful lead partnerships.

Campaign Expectations & Transparency From The Jump Offer The Best Chance At Success

  Question 1: Have you successfully run the type of campaign I want for my vertical and business?

Initially, conversations between advertisers and lead providers should be about establishing compatibility. It’s a good idea, before kicking off those conversations, for advertisers to ask themselves what they plan to do with any leads and data they get – email deliverability, limiting spoilage, volume, etc. By having a strong understanding of their goals, an advertiser is more likely to find a good lead partner.

Next, an advertiser should ask potential lead partners what kind of campaigns they run, and potential lead partners should ask advertisers what kind of campaigns they are hoping to launch. 

These early conversations should be transparent and include:

  • Campaign expectations
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Follow-up capabilities
  • Pricing/Lead type
  • Expectation management 

If a lead provider or advertiser is unwilling to share details that will help benefit the partnership, someone may not be operating in good faith.

An Effective Lead Provider Must Offer Reassurance About Their Operationalized Compliance

  Question 2: What is your compliance strategy?

Compliance is non-negotiable. You can’t enter into a true partnership without understanding how seriously potential lead partners take their compliance. An advertiser should be asking lead providers about their overall compliance strategies, but also how they prove compliance and the validation technologies they use. This information should be given with full disclosure. As more and more states pass stricter TCPA-like restrictions and privacy regulations, compliance will only continue to be an important issue for everyone in performance advertising. 

At DMS, our operationalized compliance, supported by in-house legal and compliance teams, delivers peace of mind, alleviating concerns about complex regulations across verticals. Contact DMS for more information on how our digital performance advertising solutions are supported by industry-leading compliance processes.

A Robust Media Mix Can Drive Quality Leads From Multiple Sources

  Question 3: Is your media mix diverse, compliant, and high quality?

Before partnering with anyone, you want to know how their leads are generated and where they are originating, including whether the origin of the leads is compliant and if it positions the brand well. Brand safety is important when sourcing leads and should be a part of the conversation when looking for lead partnerships. Additionally, an advertiser should know if potential lead providers have adequate internal supply, in addition to third-party volume if there is a need to supplement. “It’s important to make sure the media mix and partners of a lead provider you work with are all on a level playing field and adhering to the same standards. Otherwise, you could end up with an unbalanced mix of leads,” explained Nick Iwicki, Director Of Inside Sales at DMS.

Vertical Expertise From A Lead Provider Is Important To Reaching The Right Audience

  Question 4: How familiar are you with the vertical I work in?

Vertical expertise from lead providers offers everything from the benefits of prior experience to small details like understanding the jargon and hurdles of specific industries. It’s important for advertisers to ask potential lead providers who they work with and, even better – get specific. For example, a certain lead provider may work with health insurance companies, but if they are familiar with Medicare regulations, they bring another set of skills, and knowledge to the table, which is important if you plan to run Medicare-related campaigns. Additionally, prior experience in a vertical brings a better understanding of the target audience and how to reach strong, opted-in prospects.

A Lead Partner’s Targeting Capabilities Can Help Advertisers Reach Their Audience

  Question 5: What assurances can you offer that you’ll find the audience I’m looking for?

There are various approaches to lead campaigns, one is a volume play, which may work for some advertisers, but ultimately, if the leads aren’t meeting targeting goals, they won’t convert or meet KPIs. Good lead partnerships mean a lead provider’s filters, drill-down capabilities, and audience sourcing match the targeting needs of the advertisers. A “crawl, walk, run” approach with a careful ramp-up during a well-executed testing period makes sure everyone is getting what they’re asking for, allowing lead partnerships to grow and continue. 

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