A conversation with one of the most insightful people in the industry, Maxime Bergeron of CrakRevenue.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges facing the affiliate marketing industry in the next five years?

We must fully embrace the creator economy and new acquisition channels to keep pace with the evolving consumer environment. Content creators and influencers are becoming the new stars for brands, which brings a whole new set of opportunities and challenges. Addressing new compliance risks and preparing ourselves for the eventual cookie-less future are also part of the challenges ahead in the coming months and years. 

In your opinion, what new technologies or platforms are likely to have the most significant impact on the industry?

ChatGPT is definitely the technology on which all eyes are currently focused. Sooner rather than later, new AI applications will impact our work and most likely benefit our efficiency. The metaverse generated a lot of skepticism in 2022. Investors are showing restraint, and the hype has grown slower than expected. Still, Apple has started to move in this direction  which should stimulate demand in 2023. Finally, buy-now-pay-later solutions are on the rise and invite us to develop new strategies around shapeshifting consumer behavior. 

How do you see the role of influencers and brand ambassadors evolving in the coming years?

The fast-paced professionalization of influencers should be appreciated with caution. Consumers demand authenticity, sincerity, and relevance, forcing businesses to match up with genuine brand ambassadors and reconsider their mindset. In the past few months, we’ve witnessed several influencer-marketing faux pas that reinforce my belief that micro-influencers are the safest option to secure ROI and credibility, and to retain trust among consumers. 

Do you believe that affiliate marketing will become more or less important for businesses in the future?

Everyone I’ve discussed this topic with agrees that affiliate marketing isn’t on a downward slope. It’s adapting. Being an affiliate doesn’t mean the same thing as 5 years ago, and it’s still hard to compare what we’re experiencing today with the past. I believe the rise of influencer marketing will benefit traditional affiliate marketing in the long run by highlighting the complementary strengths of each and paving the way for new strategies. 

What steps is your company taking to adapt to and prepare for the changing landscape of the affiliate marketing industry?

CrakRevenue has taken several steps toward better practices by updating its ethical content policy, implementing identity validation, and adapting its strategies to Google core updates. Being affiliates ourselves encourages us to adapt faster than our partners and guide them in doing so. We keep our eyes and ears wide open for any changes and maintain strong links within the industry. We have also expanded our service offering to gear ourselves for influencer marketing opportunities and challenges. 

What are your performance marketing predictions for 2023?

As a recession looms on the horizon, my first prediction would be a slight but notable sales decline. AI and automation will play a bigger role in establishing data-driven strategies. Micro-influencers and live shopping experiences will continue to grow, and CPA Networks like CrakRevenue will see their affiliate pools become more diverse than ever. 

About Maxime Bergeron

With over 12 years of substantial experience in technology, customer experience, sales, and web marketing, Maxime has been a tremendous asset for CrakRevenue, an international and industry-leading CPA Network. His strong technical, organizational, and leadership skills enabled him to play a fundamental role in the company’s growth and advance from Network Director to VP of Affiliate Marketing. Maxime is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for CrakRevenue’s partners.
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