• Why Should Marketers Invest In Pay Per Call?

    There are seemingly infinite marketing channels and payment models in today’s digital world, so you may be thinking, who still wants to ... Read Article

    CEO Interview: Dynu In Media

    Introducing Dynu In Media Pioneering affiliate marketing excellence in Vietnam North American and European networks have traditionally dominated affiliate marketing, however networks ... Read Article

    CAKE's Parent Company Buys TUNE

    CAKE’s parent company, Constellation Software, is acquiring TUNE. The announcement yesterday means that two of the biggest network and partner tracking platforms ... Read Article

    Addiliate Announces New Features

    Press Release - Barcelona, Spain, April 5, 2016 - Since 2010, the team of Addiliate has been working towards a clear goal: ... Read Article

    Programmatic Premium Advertising? What The Heck?

    Performance marketing has long been a great testing ground for new marketing approaches and with the advent of mobile, we are seeing ... Read Article

    Millionaire Network’s Not-So-Secret Sauce For Driving Advertiser Sales Online: Quality

    Parker Powers of Millionaire Network tells us what it takes to grow a network into the BLUE BOOK Top 20 in less ... Read Article

    Performance Marketing Networks: Please Take Our 30 Second Survey

    Which is the best performance marketing network? Who do you love? What makes them great? Please take 30 seconds and help us ... Read Article

    Hydra Dumps 15,000 Affiliates

    Hydra Networks has announced that with immediate effect it has terminated the accounts of over 15,000 publishers. The news comes as part ... Read Article

    Twitter Feeding Frenzy Coming?

    Twitter reasserted itself this week with the publication of two pieces of data designed to blow people's minds and a rumor that ... Read Article

    ValueClick Exits Lead-Gen?

    ValueClick this week announced the divestiture of their lead-gen business unit, Web Clients. The stated reason is that ValueClick wants to stay ... Read Article

    The Great Divide

    Over the last five years, almost all of the topics I’ve written about focus on some aspect of performance-based advertising. My fascination ... Read Article

    Integrity Above All

    As we all know, the performance marketing industry is growing rapidly. Due to economic conditions, more marketers are moving online and more ... Read Article

    Leagues of Their Own

    Since the days of the gladiators, sports fans have had an irrational bond with their favorite athletes and teams. Feats of athleticism ... Read Article

    AOL's Advertising Aspirations

    What a long, strange trip it's been for AOL.The more than 20 year old company that was once at the forefront of ... Read Article

    Growing in an Unhealthy Climate

    Economists, politicians and media types are no longer arguing whether or not the economy is in a recession. Instead most are debating ... Read Article
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