Why Should Marketers Invest in Pay Per CallThere are seemingly infinite marketing channels and payment models in today’s digital world, so you may be thinking, who still wants to focus their ad spend on phone calls? While picking up the phone may seem like a communication method of the past, today’s consumers are not ready to let go of the personal connection phone calls bring just yet. With call leads still 10 to 12 times more likely to convert than any other lead type, marketers need to consider how investing in pay per call (PPC) can drive a massive reach for their product or service. Marketers in high-touch verticals such as insurance, legal services, finance, and even tech support can see strong success by running pay per call campaigns on a performance model. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about why pay per call is still relevant to you. 


Stronger Conversion Rates

With 60% of consumers stating they prefer to contact a company via phone call after finding them online, it’s clear that consumers still value the expertise and assistance of a sales representative when making purchases. On a phone call, customers can quickly have their questions answered and sales reps can ease any apprehension they may be feeling. This mutually beneficial reaction makes the customer more comfortable in their purchase decision, further pushing them down the funnel to convert. Concurrently, this gives the marketer a better chance of making a sale that may not have happened had the customer not been able to speak to someone directly. Personal interactions with customers over the phone can provide marketers with higher quality conversions at even larger volumes. 

Did you know that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for great customer service? Many consumers still appreciate human interaction throughout the buyer’s journey, and the web alone can’t always give them that. Once these leads are making an interest phone call, they are already further down the sales funnel, making them active prospects – especially in the aforementioned verticals. For example, consumers don’t usually search for legal services, tech support, or home repair services unless they are currently in need. 

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Exceptional, Guaranteed ROI

Customers are known to spend 28% more when making purchases over the phone – meaning more money in marketers’ pockets. With pay per call, you only pay for qualified phone calls that convert, allowing marketers to use their ad spend in the most effective way possible – AKA, guaranteed ROI. Learn how a leading health and life insurance marketer saw a 56% increase in revenue year over year with pay per call campaigns. 

Successful pay per call campaigns require 24/7 monitoring for brand compliance and optimization opportunities. With most marketers investing in multiple marketing channels at a time, it can become difficult to give each one the attention necessary to succeed – but this doesn’t mean you should push pay per call to the side. Partnering with a trusted pay per call network like Perform[cb] can allow marketers to increase call volume, expand distribution, and increase conversions, all while driving an even stronger ROI. 

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Easy to Access Insights

With pay per call, tracking down the source of your lead is much more straightforward than some other cost-per-action payment models. When running PPC, affiliates are connected to potential customers by a specific phone number set by the marketer, making it clear and simple to track where a lead came from. Additionally, marketers can take geotargeting into account through zipcode data from calls to reach consumers in specific geographic locations. This allows marketers to further hone in on qualified consumers and adjust their advertising accordingly. For example, home contractors may update their advertising promotions based on warmer or rainy weather areas, whereas medicare marketers may want to target locations where there is a denser population of consumers over 65. 

For marketers looking to take advantage of these increased insights and optimize their pay per call campaigns, look for a pay per call network that has advanced call technology. Having access to these call technology capabilities will result in faster response times from qualified callers, as well as increased insights into consumers’ needs. Pay per call marketers can also take advantage of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which connects callers directly to the right person (a sales rep, service agent, etc.). 

Marketers looking to drive inbound call volume must be equipped with the right technology, traffic, and consumer insights – learn more about the top qualities you should have on your customer acquisition checklist when shopping for a pay per call (PPC) affiliate network.  


Drive Qualified Calls at a Massive Scale

With call-based leads converting 30% faster than any other lead type, it’s clear that pay per call will continue to be a growing channel. Marketers who invest in PPC need to know how to successfully generate call leads – and Perform[cb] is equipped to help. 

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