• CEO Interview: Dynu In Media

    Introducing Dynu In Media Pioneering affiliate marketing excellence in Vietnam North American and European networks have traditionally dominated affiliate marketing, however networks ... Read Article

    Interview with Rakuten's CRO Jeff Wender

    There is a reason Rakuten Advertising has been consistently voted our #1 ranked CPS network. They offer a massive partner network; real-time, ... Read Article

    Did Covid Push E-Commerce 10 Years Into the Future?

    The e-commerce vertical has easily been one of the most fruitful since the onset of the pandemic. Although frivolous spending for the ... Read Article

    Lead Generation in 2021 – Sustainability and ROI

    An Interview With Henry Whitfield, ClickDealer ClickDealer has been one of our Top 20 CPA networks for several years now, with a ... Read Article

    How Publishers Can Leverage Push Notifications To Scale User Engagement

    Capturing the attention of a consumer at the right time with the right message is the key to performance marketing. While personalized ... Read Article

    Five Advertisers Speak Their Minds on the Importance of Network Partnerships, Transparency, and Fraud Prevention

    2020 may just have been the most challenging year for business in the last 100 years. For the performance marketing industry, the ... Read Article

    How ClickDealer Grew To Be The Best CPA Network In Europe – An Interview with Taras Kiseliuk

    ClickDealer is ranked as the best CPA network based in Europe in the Blue Book’s first European Top 20 table. We chatted ... Read Article

    Alexandra Forsch of Awin & ShareASale Talks Opportunities, Technology & How Affiliate Marketing Will Take A Bigger Share Of Ad Budgets

    Alexandra Forsch is the President of Awin US, including ShareASale to form the Awin Group. With 15+ years of experience, she is ... Read Article

    CAKE's Parent Company Buys TUNE

    CAKE’s parent company, Constellation Software, is acquiring TUNE. The announcement yesterday means that two of the biggest network and partner tracking platforms ... Read Article

    What Advertisers & Publishers Should Be Doing Now

    We are now six weeks into the coronavirus crisis. The dust is settling a little and it is beginning to be possible ... Read Article

    Performance Marketing Provides Stability & Measurable Returns In A Crisis

    When discussing how the ongoing pandemic could influence performance marketing, I think it’s important to first recognize the potential complexity of that ... Read Article

    In Performance Marketing, Relationships And People Are At The Core Of All That We Do

    During a crisis, leaders should lead from the front, and during the good times, leaders should lead from behind. We are working ... Read Article

    Now Is The Moment For Performance Marketing To Shine

    At the end of this tunnel, there is light. Depending on where you are, the light may be closer or further away, ... Read Article

    Where Now for Affiliate Marketing?

    At a time where so much is in flux, we’re incredibly fortunate to be in an industry that not only has the ... Read Article

    How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Click-Tracking Better For Everyone

    An interview with Peter Varga, managing director of ThriveTracker A click-tracking application needs to be a part of every performance marketer’s toolkit, ... Read Article
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