ClickDealer is ranked as the best CPA network based in Europe in the Blue Book’s first European Top 20 table. We chatted with CEO Taras Kiseliuk this week to find out what he thinks they are doing right and where they are going from here.

Blue Book: Congratulations on being rated the best CPA network in Europe. Why do you think so many advertisers and publishers chose ClickDealer as their #1? 

Taras Kiseliuk: What we focus on to differentiate ourselves from other networks are three key ideas:

  • A focus on a superior customer experience, on both the supply and demand side;
  • An experienced team that can provide support and insight to campaigns that rivals any of our competitors;
  • Leading edge technology that gives our partners exactly what they need, how they need it.

BB: What has been ClickDealer’s strategy for getting through the pandemic?

TK: 2020 has been a challenging year for many, and ClickDealer is no exception. We had to find a way to navigate an unprecedented time without a playbook. We found our way through by focusing on supporting our team and our clients, and focusing on what we could control amid so many uncertainties. Diversification is our lifeblood and the breath of our international sales team meant that we were ready and able to make changes based on ever changing ecosystems. Continuing to invest and expand our international teams will always be at our core, no matter what hardships the pandemic throws at us.

BB: How has business been for ClickDealer this year?

TK: We are firm believers that new challenges bring new opportunities and with that in mind, we jumped in with both feet to find new ways to succeed in this novel global environment. In 2020 we have seen exceptional growth in our SmartLink performance, as well as new success within our Lead Generation team. Of course there have been bumps along the way, but being a global company we were well-positioned to excel when faced with 2020’s challenges.

BB: How important do you feel technology is to the success of your network? Do you offer advanced optimization or offer rotation features, for example?

TK: Technology is at the heart of everything we do – this is why we launched our own internal technology platform in 2018 and why we continue to update, expand and launch new features for our partners. Not only does our platform offer all the analytical features a publisher would need, we also offer advanced features like custom URLs, custom campaign rotations and a multitude of tracking solutions. We strongly believe that having a proprietary tracking platform that we control and can update whenever we wish is key to being flexible and adaptable to fast-changing environment.

BB: What do you think 2021 will be like for performance marketing?

TK: We fully expect 2021 to have many of the same challenges for performance marketing that affected us all this past year. The global pandemic will continue to affect how we work and where we work but we will continue to help our team and our clients adapt and overcome those setbacks.

Covid-19 brought in many new challenges, speeding-up and shifting consumer trends and behaviours. The tremendous impact on offline businesses due to shutdowns created many opportunities for digital marketers. 2021 will be an interesting year for the online industry and we are looking forward to tackling new challenges.

At ClickDealer we will continue to expand our foothold in the Lead Generation industry, specifically North America and Europe. We will also look to expand our SmartLink solution and improve our in-house technology platform for our partners.

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About ClickDealer

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, ClickDealer launched in 2012 as a global performance marketing company that specializes in cost per action (CPA) campaigns, delivering high quality and cost-effective marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers.