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ProLead Pileprietary algorithm fosters increased revenue for both buyers and sellers
PHOENIX-(BUSINESS WIRE)-February 2013-LeadPile, the world’s premier lead exchange, has launched an innovative ping tree system, designed to improve returns for both buyers and sellers. The new Smart Ping Tree’s proprietary technology is engineered for high performance, increased revenues, and long-term success.

“The Smart Ping Tree technology optimizes lead exchange transactions with an algorithm that constantly learns and adapts, helping to achieve higher returns for our clients,” said Sam Valenzuela, President of LeadPile.
The highlights of the Smart Ping Tree include:
— Dynamic distribution and ranking system optimizes lead delivery

— Ping tree segmentation increases accept rates for buyers

— Intelligent lead matching produces better payouts for sellers

— Advanced filtering engine eliminates duplicate and unqualified leads

— Fraudulent lead checks and alerts ensure higher quality leads

For lead buyers, the Smart Ping Tree efficiently distributes leads based on performance, constantly optimizing lead flow to achieve optimal returns. The Smart Ping Tree maximizes revenue for sellers by placing leads with the best performing buyers.

“With built-in intelligence that continues to improve performance, our newest technological innovation reinforces LeadPile’s status as a product leader in the industry,” said Eugen Ilie, Sr. VP of Product Development.

LeadPile is the premier lead exchange for buyers and sellers across multiple verticals. Lead buyers can buy exclusive and qualified leads in real time, while lead sellers enjoy competitive payouts and access to a nationwide network of lead buyers. Since 2009, Inc. magazine has ranked LeadPile as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. For more information about LeadPile, please visit and follow us on Twitter @LeadPile.

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