Where do you like to set up shop? Your backyard, the local coffee shop, or maybe it’s a sweats in bed kind of day? If you’re accustomed to remote work, you know that any and all of these spots are options for your remote office space. The last year and a half has made it abundantly clear that remote work is more prevalent today than it ever was for previous generations within the workforce. The flexibility provided by technology and our evolving professional culture is rapidly changing and with good reason. After all, why should someone who has the ability to work from home or elsewhere instead be stationed in a cubicle from nine to five?

Within the affiliate marketing industry, affiliate partners have always been known to work on their own schedules, and many of them are entrepreneurs who don’t report to anyone but themselves. This group of entrepreneurs who successfully run their own businesses day-to-day, however, are often stuck behind a desk monitoring their traffic, but what if it didn’t have to be that way? Let’s take a closer look at the tools and techniques available to affiliates to make their remote work fully mobile.

Affiliate Marketing In The Palm Of Your Hand

The world of affiliate campaign management has always been very hands-on. Constant optimizations, offer prioritizing, pausing, and driving traffic to new offers is a full-time gig, and it’s really only been accessible via desktop until now… Perform[cb] announced the launch of its first mobile app, PerformLEAP Partners, this week! Exclusively designed for affiliates to track and manage their businesses on the fly, PerformLEAP Partners includes the desktop features you love, as well as a variety of new features that can only be found in-app. These new features include the ability to live chat with your affiliate manager, admin-curated offer groups, the introduction of the Optimization Score, and more. Current Perform[cb] affiliates can access the app in both the iOS App Store and Google Play store right this minute.

In 2020, the average daily time spent on mobile devices reached four hours and ten minutes, up 20% from 2019. It’s clear that we’re spending more time on our phones than any other device, so it only makes sense to add your business into your mobile mix. Having been extensively tested and analyzed, PerformLEAP Partners has already received stellar reviews from beta testers. One affiliate went as far as to say, “Like my investment and banking apps that I check daily, I don’t see why this wouldn’t become the most important app that I use since it’s funding all the others.” Take the power of PerformLEAP into your hands and scale your business from anywhere, anytime! Download the PerformLEAP Partners app today.

Automating For Increased Work-Life Balance

Given affiliate partners are notoriously known for their entrepreneurship, establishing a strong work-life balance can be a challenge. A recent Forbes study showed 30% of small business owners are working more than 50 hours per week, while nearly 80% felt like they were working too much. Enter: PerformLEAP! Perform[cb]’s patented technology platform, PerformLEAP, and its new mobile app, PerformLEAP Partners, were both designed to help streamline our affiliates’ workflows. In fact, our in-platform features are often inspired by partner feedback.

Some of PerformLEAP’s most popular features, such as PerformPRIORITY and Weighted Distribution, provide affiliate partners with unmatched offer automation. By allowing partners to prioritize their offer groups, and thus maximizing traffic reach should budgets pause or dayparting schedules kick in, PerformPRIORITY gives affiliates invaluable time back in their day. Similarly, Weighted Distribution provides partners the opportunity to automate granular traffic designation to specific offer groups in order to allow partners to spend their time more efficiently. As more than 80% of business leaders report that they’re speeding up work process automation and expanding their use of remote work, it’s only logical for affiliates to do the same. By making more time in our affiliates’ day, they have more time to efficiently manage their businesses and an increased ability to maintain a healthier work-life balance – a win-win for all.

Accessible & Reliable Communication

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt a team sport. Without a strong relationship between affiliate partners and their account managers, it’s difficult to achieve success. Perform[cb]’s seen this firsthand with some of our longest-standing relationships doubling as the top revenue generators. These affiliates are in constant contact with their account managers, both professionally and personally – we all know that some of the best business relationships are the ones that also become personal friendships. Without communication, the potential for success plummets. Knowing that, Perform[cb] put the power of feedback and conversation at the forefront of our technology.

As said previously, Perform[cb] partners can chat live with their account managers within PerformLEAP Partners, while also being able to give feedback anytime in-platform. This open line of communication fuels our affiliate relationships to be increasingly collaborative and ultimately more lucrative for all involved. A 2021 report showed that organizations with connected employees yielded productivity increases of 20-25%. Perform[cb] believes that all partners and marketers should be treated as members of its internal team, as we’re all working toward the same results. In order to achieve a flourishing remote business, communication needs to be at the forefront of any partner’s daily strategy.

As the world’s workforce becomes increasingly remote, the affiliate community will continue to do the same. The question is, how will networks and agencies accommodate the exponentially changing nature of communication and campaign management? Tools like Perform[cb]’s mobile app, PerformLEAP Partners, and its platform’s features will help to continually foster campaign automation, accessibility, and management from anywhere, anytime. An accessible and highly communicative account management team is equally as important and perfectly complements the tools mentioned above to ensure long-term affiliate success.

Ready to make your business more accessible? If you’re already a Perform[cb] affiliate, you can download the PerformLEAP Partners for iOS and Android now! Not yet working with Perform[cb]? No problem – head on over and apply to join us today.