They say success comes with true passion to one’s craft. Rather than falling into the trap of endless cost optimization and cold numbers – we at ClickDealer chose to concentrate on people. Needless to say, it pays back.

Over the years of building relationships with colleagues in the industry, we created a platform capable of vitalizing almost any online marketing niche. We amassed a demand big enough you could pick up a small niche, apply geo targeting, yet still have plenty to choose from.

Our loyalty program has rewarded a lot of publishers since 2013. Engagement and integration take up an important spot on our table of priorities, therefore various contests and parties are created constantly. Just take a look at our latest all-nighter in Berlin to get a sense of what it is usually like.

Among our current big events,  El Gran Torneo definitely stands out. Competition is held in nine verticals. The more traffic you drive – the higher it takes you up the leaderboard. In the end, two best players from each category will receive the prize, an all-inclusive ticket to ClickDealer’s 2017 Meetup, where the aces of marketing gather to enjoy a chat and a drink at one of the finest locations our planet has to offer!

January will mark our third meetup since the ones in Spain and Greece. This time we are coming down on the Pacific coast of Mexico, glistening with beautiful sunsets and buzzing with constant festivities. The scenic town of Puerto Vallarta offers a perfect opportunity for intense all-night clubbing sprees and pub crawls as well as gorgeous tranquil spots for blissful rest.  One thing remains clear – once you are there, every day is a holiday.

About ClickDealer

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, ClickDealer entered the market with a unique perspective of the global digital marketing landscape that has helped to define the structure and current services of GDM Group. ClickDealer launched in 2012 as a global performance marketing company that specializes in cost per action (CPA) campaigns, delivering high quality and cost-effective marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers.