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Smart Chaos and Credit Com LLC – Castle Rock, CO — 1/11/2013 — The Premier Affiliate Marketing and Online Performance Management Agency is pleased to announce its partnership with has been retained to help bolster the online performance marketing and affiliate channels for this “best in class” financial online portal.  This deal represents a strong mutual trust between both companies, and represents a huge boost for the local Denver Startup and Tech community.

SmarterChaos will assist in the management of their Affiliate Programs and Performance Marketing channels for their more than 180 different financial products. has products that range from credit cards, and credit reports, to loans and tax preparation offers. is committed to making credit ridiculously simple and clear for consumers.  The company provides straightforward tools, news, products and educational resources to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. was established in 1995 with the goal of helping consumers with any credit standing to establish, build and effectively use credit.

The Executive Team at expects that this partnership with will extend the company’s reach into the Financial Services space.  This achieves’s goal of offering Media Partners and Affiliates a direct relationship with the strongest brands on the Internet and giving Media Partners products from which they can earn the most revenue when they choose to market them.’s Chief of Chaos, Matt Frary, says about this partnership: “This relationship proves that forward thinking companies such as are looking for Partners such as to help them streamline their affiliate marketing initiatives, build transparent consumer marketing channels, and increase sustainable revenue through quality leads.  We couldn’t be more excited to bring products and their Client’s products to the largest media companies on the planet.”

Ian Cohen,’s CEO, was quoted as saying, “We’re committed to matching consumers to the best deals possible and to sending our financial-institution partners high quality potential customers.  This partnership helps us achieve that goal faster. SmarterChaos also brings to the table their Strategic Partnership with, which will help us to better monitor the quality of our leads.”


SmarterChaos is an outsourced affiliate agency that serves major branded advertisers by providing affiliate programs and Cost Per Action (CPA) channel management.  The primary focus of SmarterChaos is to make it easier for a large Advertiser to market their products without all the heavy lifting and human resources capital it takes to build one of these channels.

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About was established in 1995 with the goal of helping consumers with any credit standing to establish, build and effectively use credit. It’s primary mission is to make credit ridiculously simple and transparent for consumers before the apply for a credit product.  To that end, the company provides straightforward tools, news, products and educational resources to help consumers make smarter financial decisions.