The profitability of an affiliate marketing vertical can change quickly. Oversaturation, new restrictions from traffic platforms, and societal influence are most often responsible. However, the ongoing global pandemic has accelerated how quickly a vertical can rise or fall. Therefore, we think it’s important that affiliates know what’s working at this very moment.

We wanted to share what we’ve recently monitored as the best performing verticals at MaxBounty. These are where are affiliates are making the most money as 2020 winds down.

1. Surveys/Market Research

Why it’s working: A consistently popular and lucrative vertical for affiliates, this sector has seen increased attention and improved performance due to people spending more time at home. While there, they’re looking for ways to supplement their income. That can be accomplished by participating in market research surveys and survey panels.

2. Antivirus/Cyber Security

Why it’s working: More people than ever are working remotely from their homes. This means the need for many to have reliable protection from online viruses for their home computers has risen. They’re making a conscious effort to keep their home computer safe as it’s become an increasingly important tool in their day-to-day life.

3. Loans

Why it’s working: An unprecedented number of people are unfortunately in precarious positions when it comes to their employment and week to week income. Loans are providing them with some financial relief and/or the ability to support necessary purchases.

4. Credit Scores/Credit Reports

Why it’s working:  A greater number of people are seeking new or better employment opportunities to help support themselves during the pandemic. This often requires those individuals to provide their potential new employer with credit information. Some may also be experiencing financial uncertainty and want to frequently monitor their credit scores.

5. E-commerce

Why it’s working: Retailers who traditionally earned more from in-store shoppers are seeing an increase in online purchases due to a mass transition from in-store to online shopping. This ranges from smaller companies all the way up to affiliate program campaigns from reputable big box stores.

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