Mobit by MatomyMatomy Media Group today launched a new mobile media buying platform called Mobit, offering conversion tracking, sophisticated campaign optimization and near-realtime reporting.
The introduction of Mobit, described as a “smart tracking and analysis tool for mobile affiliates and media buyers,” comes during a period of rapid expansion for Matomy following the recent acquisition of US-based affiliate network MediaWhiz and mobile marketing specialist network MobAff. Much of Matomy’s success has been built on their expertise with mobile offers, and Mobit is a development of the proprietary tools their own mobile media buyers use in-house.
I caught up with Matomy Media Group’s CEO, Ofer Druker, yesterday to talk about the launch of Mobit, how it can help affiliates make money on mobile and what his plans are for the future.

Revenue+Performance: In Hollywood they talk about people having a 30-second “elevator pitch” for movies. What is the 30-second, elevator pitch for Mobit?
Ofer Druker:  Traffic optimization is the key to successful performance marketing. Without good optimization, you will literally just waste time and money. This applies even more strongly to mobile marketing: having the right tools is essential. That is what Mobit provides – it is a complete tracking, management, and performance optimization platform for mobile media buying.

R+P: Won’t traditional tools work for mobile optimization?
OD: Optimizing mobile traffic is more difficult because of the multitude of targeting criteria available. Isolating successful targeting combinations manually means trying many different variations and can be very time-consuming.  Mobit provides more data than other systems, like carrier for example, and it provides actionable insights that help to segment campaigns better, so you can optimize easier and faster.

R+P:  Who needs Mobit? What is the target audience for Mobit?
OD:  Mobit benefits anyone who is buying or selling mobile media.  The ideal user would be an affiliate who may be struggling with managing one or more mobile campaigns.  In that situation Mobit is perfect because not only does it act as the optimization tool for his media buys, but it also provides a steady stream of new offers via Mobit’s integration with our affiliate network Matomy Market.  Specialist mobile media buyers who need a reliable back-end solution that can handle volume, work with any mobile CPA offer and traffic from any ad network will also find that Mobit gives them insights that might take days to develop using traditional tools.

R+P:  How does this release fit into Matomy’s strategy for future growth?
OD:  We have identified three main areas upon which we are concentrating. We see these as absolutely key to our success in the performance industry:
Mobile – We are strengthening our position in mobile, moving more and more resources and attention to mobile and growing activity steadily and organically as well as through acquiring companies like MobAff.
Data  – We see data as the key enabler for cross-channel campaigns, and are rolling out our data initiatives in the coming months.
Consolidation – Matomy will continue to expand as we acquire great companies that will add to our tech capabilities and market reach.

R+P:  Do you have a personal vision of what you want Matomy to be?
OD:  I’ve been in online media and internet advertising for over 15 years: I co-founded Oridian (Ybrant Digital) in 1998 and  Soho Digital International in 2005, for example. But for all the different things I’ve done I must say that I am most proud of Matomy. We started as a small company of just five people back in 2007 and we now have 400 people worldwide in seven locations.
Matomy Media Group now includes US companies MediaWhiz, MobAff, Adperio and Germany-based Team Internet and is established as a leading international performance media solutions provider and one of the world’s fastest growing ad networks.
I work with amazing people – I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Conclusion: Mobile is the future of online marketing but media buying has always been difficult. Matomy’s Mobit is part of a new breed of specialist tools designed to make the mobile media buyer’s job easier, but it comes with a powerful analytics engine that makes optimization a breeze. Matomy is proving to be innovative as well as fast-moving. A network to watch.