Present in nearly every industry, artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to transform the landscape of performance marketing. As one of the most influential inventions of the 21st century, AI has had a resounding impact on today’s digital world, and online marketing companies are increasingly seeing AI take over campaign optimizations, split testing, and more.

While it’s an incredibly successful sector of marketing, affiliate marketing is not without its challenges. The demand for better EPCs, accurate data measurement, and increased automation are all prevalent needs in the community. However, with the advent of AI, all of these complexities can be solved with the click of a button, utilizing Bayesian statistics to analyze the data and provide solutions for even the most complex tracking and reporting needs.

From performance marketing networks and agencies to trackers, the industry is seeing a sudden and significant influx of AI integration into the day-to-day tasks of these companies. In fact, many of the performance marketing trackers today, such as ThriveTracker, are including AI as a core feature of its platform, leveraging machine learning to make improvements upon everything from audience targeting, to design optimization and conversions.

A Background on AI

In broad terms, artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that makes it possible for machines to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks. Within AI there are various sub-branches, namely Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Machine learning is a process of creating programs that take data, apply algorithms to that data, then take what they have learned and apply it to new data sets. Deep learning is the next level, inspired by the human brain itself. It uses artificial “neural networks” to make sense of unstructured data – think of images or sounds. Deep learning would allow AI to look at a picture of a cat, then through analysis of details like color, shape and size, determine that it is in fact, a cat.

Using AI to Improve EPCs

Performance marketing exchange Clickbooth is no newcomer to the AI scene. Its revolutionary, patent-pending platform is based off a proprietary algorithm – which is “trained” via AI.

Clickbooth’s AI is constantly analyzing different verticals, variables, and patterns to then maximize the EPCs to its affiliates. By using AI for this data compilation and analyzation process, Clickbooth ensures that there is virtually zero risk of misinterpretation of data – allowing its marketers the most accurate insight into the behavior of consumers.

Let’s take A/B testing, for example. Split testing is a necessary task for affiliates, but it can quickly turn into a headache, as there’s quite a lot that can go wrong. An affiliate could be testing too small of a sample of data, or not testing across enough traffic sources, leaving them with time wasted and unhelpful results.

Artificial intelligence eliminates the human limitations in A/B testing. With Clickbooth, affiliate marketers are able to run a campaign using an exclusive blend of AI, which assesses all possible offers, testing several elements throughout the traffic funnel, then selects to send traffic to the offers with the best EPCs. This is all being done in real time, continuously updating and changing to deliver optimum results.

AI can also help run multiple high-performing campaigns at one time, decreasing affiliates’ need to manually edit landing pages or update their links as caps are reached. With the integration of a single piece of code, AI technology will update landing pages with appropriate product images, brand names and links when needed. This takes the stress of timing landing page updates off the affiliate and lets the algorithm handle the hassle.

Embracing the AI Revolution

Along with performance marketing networks like Clickbooth, many trackers are now offering cutting-edge AI in their plans. Earlier this year, ThriveTracker released an entirely free AI feature available in every plan – the first of performance marketing trackers to do so. ThriveTracker’s AI gathers information on campaigns, regulating and distributing traffic based on performance, and automatically optimizing the features of each campaign. ThriveTracker clients can set the parameters of the calculation method – ROI, EPC, or conversion rate – and the AI will create the most profitable results based on their indicated preferences.

With mass amounts of data being combed and analyzed every second, there is often concern that a customer’s personal information could be in danger. It is important to note that, while collecting data to improve EPCs is of utmost importance, it is never done at the cost of users’ privacy. In compliance with GDPR’s regulations and with respect to the consumer’s privacy, both Clickbooth and ThriveTracker’s algorithms do not collect personally identifiable information.

Reliability, quality, and cutting-edge technology will always be fundamentals of the Clickbooth brand. They’re just a few of the reasons why Clickbooth is the Blue Book’s #1-ranked CPA network, and why ThriveTracker is the premier AI tracker on the market. With the influx of AI technology, affiliates can now optimize campaigns in record time, automating previously manual processes and leveraging their campaigns for continued success. As trusted partners in the performance marketing space, Clickbooth and ThriveTracker are committed to continuous improvement of the artificial intelligence that will govern the future of the industry.