The first of an ongoing series in which we will pick out one especially good how-to piece from around The Internets.

This week a post that is terrific in its simplicity: how to publish a niche WordPress site that Does Not Suck. It is such a seemingly easy process yet suckitude reigns. Noobs (and really, anybody who wants to be reminded of just what one should trying to do with a content-based website.

Michael Gray brings the advice in three pieces with links to a lot of other good stuff.

On choosing a subject:
Find something that you are at least slightly interested in: at some point during that first 6 months, when only a handful of people are reading and you aren’t making enough money to buy a happy meal, this project will turn into work. At that point, if you don’t care about the subject, the quality will slip, it will show, and the project will die on the vine.

On using a pseudonym:
Now all the social media rainbow and unicorns people will tell you that people will see through your nome de plume, and you will never get enough love and trust to get anywhere. I think they are full of crap, and you should not take personality advice from social media types, most of whom don’t have a personality to speak of.

How can you not love that advice? Much more here.