• Record $478 Million Judgment Against Marketers of Massive Get-Rich-Quick Infomercial Scams: a U.S. district court ordered the marketers of three get-rich-quick systems…to pay a record $478 million for deceiving close to one million consumers with phony claims that they could make easy money using their programs.
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 “This huge judgment serves notice to anyone thinking of using phony get-rich-quick schemes to defraud consumers. The FTC will come after you if you violate the law. It’s also a reminder to consumers that they should be skeptical about these types of easy-money claims.

  • FTC Charges Second “Affiliate Network” of Internet Advertisers with Deceiving Consumers by Using Fake News Sites:

The Federal Trade Commission has charged the Coleadium, Inc. affiliate network which uses the name “Ads4Dough,” and its owner, with recruiting affiliate marketers that made deceptive claims on fake news sites to promote acai berry supplements, and so-called “colon cleansers,” as weight-loss products.

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Under the agreed-upon settlement, the defendants will pay $1 million, and will be required to monitor affiliate marketers in their network to ensure that their statements are truthful and in compliance with federal advertising law.