• Why Performance Can Win Against Google

    I met with people from Google yesterday. Most interesting: how thoroughly freaked out they are by the advertiser backlash against financing extremist ... Read Article

    Ad Fraud Is Still A Thing

    It is becoming ever more clear that online advertising is suffering massive fraud. Just this last week we have seen Rovio, the ... Read Article

    Why Do Some Networks Thrive While Others Die?

    How do some performance marketing networks keep succeeding against all odds? Why is it that while some CPA networks vanish almost overnight, ... Read Article

    FTC Roundup Of The Month

    Record $478 Million Judgment Against Marketers of Massive Get-Rich-Quick Infomercial Scams: a U.S. district court ordered the marketers of three get-rich-quick systems…to ... Read Article

    $2 Million Refunded From "Google Money Tree" Scam

    The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 93,086 refund checks totaling nearly $2.3 million to consumers who allegedly were charged hidden fees tied ... Read Article

    Summer Conference Recap: Accountability and Compliance Take Center Stage

    It has been a busy summer for online marketing professionals. LeadsCon East and Affiliate Summit East were scheduled three weeks apart, making ... Read Article

    Affiliates Still Losing Commissions To Cookie-Stuffing

    The invaluable Wesley Brandi brings us his latest cookie-stuffing scammer or as he puts it, “Today’s featured fraudster” CouponsUniversity is allegedly defrauding ... Read Article

    Easy Fraud Detection For Merchants

    Are you a merchant or a network wanting to know just how much fraud is being targeted at your domain? Well now ... Read Article

    Kim Dotcom: I'm No Criminal!

    Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is out on bail and had given his first TV interview: "...we’ve done nothing wrong. I’m no criminal. ... Read Article

    More AdSense Publisher Bans

    Two recent cases of AdSense publisher bans highlight publisher discontent about Google’s mysterious methods for determining when to ban...

    Police Crackdown On Fake Anti-Virus & Online Pharmacies

    Have you ever been hit by a fake anti-virus alert on your computer? Do you know someone who has? More importantly, have ... Read Article

    Klein Online (& Out-of-Line): Kick Fraud Out!

    The mThink/Revenue Performance team were kind enough to offer me an outlet for my opinionated self and perhaps also provide a nugget ... Read Article

    FTC Aggression: Killing? Or Curing?

    The jury is in. And the verdict is that performance marketing has to clean up its act. Every week now we see ... Read Article

    Revenue Performance Q&A with Pace Lattin

    Performance marketing is an industry full of interesting characters with rich back-stories, lots of ideas and a commitment to making things happen. ... Read Article

    Cagefight: Facebook vs MaxBounty

    The big news this week has been Facebook filing lawsuits against MaxBounty, Steven Richter and Jason Swan, the CTO of CPALead. The ... Read Article
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