It is becoming ever more clear that online advertising is suffering massive fraud. Just this last week we have seen Rovio, the Angry Birds game developer, reveal that in one holiday-period campaign 90% of app installs came from just three IP addresses. But it’s not just publishers that are to blame.

Andreas Naumann: “Networks are completely aware of what’s going on. Networks are not usually directly involved, but they know what’s happening and they take the short, secure route to revenue.”

Naumann, a fraud specialist at app analytics company Adjust who previously worked with Glispa, Trademob and Zanox among others, points out that anti-fraud technologies are becoming big business as a result. Rovio has invested heavily in automated and programatic solutions in an effort to prevent future losses and control risk:

“There’s no way for the client to make 100% sure where the traffic is coming from, and most networks have no clue where it’s coming from either unless they have a proprietary source. But what clients do need to do is educate themselves so they know what the red flags are. They need to make sure they aren’t running blindly into traps.”

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