One of the most useful concepts that we at mThinkDigital use for our mobile e-commerce clients is Google’s Micro-Moments. The idea is deceptively simple: mobile enables consumers to interact with your brand, any time, any place. And as Woody Allen nearly said, 90% of success is just showing up.

Consumers might be choosing between products, trying to find a restaurant or just looking for something to do. Whatever it is, the brand that is present at that moment and that positions itself as being able to fulfil the consumer’s need is the brand that will win the sale and build loyalty. In Google’s words:

“Immediate. Relevant. Frictionless. That’s the experience consumers expect when they turn to a device to find, do, or buy something. To win, marketers have to be there to meet them in these micro-moments.”

Google’s full guide to Micro-Moments is well worth a read. Download it here: