• Ecommerce Is On Top Of The World As Consumers Embrace Online Shopping Like Never Before

    In a year of changes, the biggest shift in retail has been the rapid growth and acceleration of ecommerce. During the pandemic, ... Read Article

    The Equifax Hack Affects Every eCommerce Company

    It was revealed this week that Equifax, one of the biggest consumer credit reporting bureaus in the world, had allowed hackers to ... Read Article

    8 Ways To Find Super-Customers

    The 80:20 rule applies to most things in life. Customer spend is often one of them: in most businesses, 20% of customers ... Read Article

    The E-Commerce Magic Bullet (Hint: It’s Not AdWords)

    E-commerce companies often ask me why they’re struggling to compete. They think they are doing all the right things but they’re still ... Read Article

    Micro-Moments #1: Being There When Consumers Choose

    One of the most useful concepts that we at mThinkDigital use for our mobile e-commerce clients is Google’s Micro-Moments. The idea is ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview Melissa Feemster

    Does the difficulty in predicting which creatives will be accepted to run by Facebook and other social platforms make them still useful ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Melissa Feemster

    How is big data going to impact the performance marketing industry? Big data is going to drive the performance marketing industry forward and ... Read Article

    Building Performance through Community, Transparency and Experience

    An Exclusive Q&A with Rakuten Affiliate Network GMs Melissa Feemster and Adam Weiss, Celebrating Five Years as Blue Book’s Best Affiliate Network. ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Melissa Feemster

    What are your two or three key performance marketing-related predictions for 2016? Next year we will see even more Mobile Shopping/In-store crossover.  ... Read Article

    Blue Book Panel: Interview with Melissa Feemster

    In five year’s time, will the CPS side of the performance marketing industry be bigger in the USA than it is now? ... Read Article

    4 Key BLUE BOOK CPA/CPS Network Survey Insights

    A month on from the headline-grabbing announcement of the results, we thought we'd

    So What's Next for Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing just celebrated its 20th birthday and – wow – has it changed! Just look at the last few years. New ... Read Article

    ClickBank 3.0 Launch Adds New Features That Boost Sales Revenue for Online Merchants

    Press Release Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014  Denver, CO  ClickBank, the digital commerce & marketing platform serving tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and ... Read Article

    Rakuten LinkShare Reports Double-Digit Growth in Performance Marketing Network for the Valentine’s Day Shopping Season

    Press Release NEW YORK CITY – March 19, 2014 – Rakuten LinkShare today announced double-digit year-over-year (YOY) growth in its performance marketing ... Read Article

    360 Days in the Life of Performance Marketing

    The past year was tumultuous for the industry; 2014 should be better but it won’t be without its speed bumps. As this ... Read Article
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