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Clickbooth Announces Launch of RevContent, the Content Monetization Platform

Clickbooth LogoSarasota, Florida (November 4th, 2013) – Clickbooth, the long-established performance-based online marketing company, announced today the release of RevContent, the next phase of their cost per click product formerly known as CBCPC. The evolved brand more accurately represents what the product has become, an industry leading content monetization platform.

“This expansion allows us to continue to build strong, sustainable content monetization solutions by placing the highest priority on the needs of our clients,” said Chris Butlin, RevContent Director of Business Development.

Clickbooth’s cost per click product has experienced significant growth since its original inception in 2010 which has enabled the company to launch the RevContent brand and bring performance based advertising technology into the related content market. “RevContent represents the evolution and inevitable expansion of our cost per click offerings,” said Chris Maynard, Director of Software Development. As consumer and technological demands have shifted the direction of the performance marketing industry, RevContent, along with its new content-widget, have been designed as an answer to client’s changing business needs.

RevContent reflects both the enhancement of existing services as well as expanded offerings of Clickbooth’s cost per click product. Through an advanced delivery algorithm, RevContent focuses on promoting quality content on premium sites in order to give consumers content that is relevant to their interests. The new, exclusive widget interface will allow Sites to build engaging placements aiming to enhance the consumer experience and monetize each user more effectively than before. Richard Iwanik-Marques, Director of Operations added, “By expanding our already established product into the content recommendation market, we are giving our Advertisers access to highly engaged consumers searching for content on some of the most premium sites, empowering them to reach vast new audiences across our network of exclusive placements.”

Serving over 17 billion impressions each month on top ranked sites, RevContent is already establishing itself as an industry leader in content monetization.

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