Each year, insurance brands and publishers must prepare for open enrollment periods, which began November 1. The pandemic and election could be factors in how people make their insurance decisions, and insurance marketers and publishers should be ready to deploy strategies that meet consumer needs and address new concerns.

Differentiation Will Be Key As Insurance Shoppers Want Coverage For The Unexpected

In the past, people have spent less than 30 minutes selecting health insurance benefits. And often, people just roll over the health insurance they had previously, continuing it for the new year.  But it’s likely that this year, given concerns about coverage related to COVID-19 or future election-related health insurance impacts, health insurance consumers will be looking more closely at which health insurance options are available.

Publishers that want to appeal to timely consumer concerns should work with advertisers to provide information on how health insurance plans cover illnesses and hospital stays associated with COVID-19, making distinctions between their offerings and other plans. Insurance marketing strategies can also be used to reassure consumers that their health insurance coverage won’t be impacted by political changes.

Proactive, Safety-First Content Marketing Can Offer Health Insurance Open Enrollment Shoppers Peace Of Mind

During uncertain times that still require social distancing, insurance companies should appear to be doing everything they can to offer consumers the safest access to doctors and medical advice. Publishers can focus health insurance content marketing efforts on contactless services (telehealth, prescription refill services) and other benefits that promote safety during the pandemic, which can be effective at educating consumers and gaining trust. An “all in this together” positive approach may also offer the authenticity consumers are looking for.

Other effective content strategies that can encourage interest from prospective new customers include:

  • Landing pages dedicated to coronavirus facts, updates and protocols.
  • Articles that address ongoing national concerns and how they affect health and wellness, including loneliness, racial injustice, job loss and food insecurity, along with ways to cope, like joining a walking club or deep breathing relaxation techniques.

Promoting Unique Offerings, Appealing To Consumers Aged 50-64, Can Help Effectively Distinguish Publishers During Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Americans over 50 are increasingly interested in health and wellness, exercising regularly and finding ways to maintain healthy habits. According to a recent study by Aging 2.0, 46% of 54-60-year olds and 39% of 61-66 year olds will download a wellness app. For publishers interested in these demographics, marketing strategies that highlight medical options specific to consumers over 50 and digital innovations that include online wellness programs and apps and user-friendly customer portals can appeal to older health insurance shoppers. Many shoppers may also be more invested in their general health given concerns about COVID-19 and will want to know exactly how their insurance coverage keeps them in good health.

Audience targeting via personalized plans that cost less or offer something other than the typical insurance coverage (hair loss, weight loss), may resonate with health insurance open enrollment shoppers, including those under 64. Health insurance start-ups on the market are making headway with alternative plans, and these kinds of unique products may resonate with consumers curious about their full range of health insurance options.

Consumers Aged 65+ Are An Important Audience For Publishers During Open Enrollment

During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), Medicare beneficiaries can make changes to Medicare Advantage insurance and prescription plans or add them if they previously weren’t participating in an Advantage plan. While many of those shopping during AEP will be in search of better plans, Baby Boomers aging into the program will be looking for Medicare Advantage plans for the first time and are an important audience niche for publishers to consider. Offering consumers tip-to-tail guidance can create loyalty and brand trust and lead to increased engagement both for the short- and long-term. More broadly, publishers that focus on creating compelling messaging that targets the needs of the 65 and older market may be more likely to drive awareness, engagement, buy-in and loyalty from this key demographic.

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