Interview with Axel Vézina, COO of CrakRevenue

An increasing number of networks have major new-investor money behind them, funding more sophisticated technology and greater scale. Are networks inevitably going to get bigger, and will small networks be driven out?

Whatever industry you look at, whether retail, grocery, e-commerce,  or CPA networks, each one experiences the same challenges. There are big players out there that are willing to invest large amounts of money on sophisticated technology and/or by acquiring small businesses.  Meanwhile, there are many new startups that have to find their way, whether as a niche company or with an eye towards acquisition. Innovation is a key to success; businesses will thrive or stagnate depending on their ability to adapt to the market needs.

Another thing affecting networks is that there are different types of customers with varying needs. Some want to work with a big, established network, while others may look for a particular industry strength and more personalized service. We think there will always be a place for smaller and bigger networks, and that there will always be customers for both. The bottom line is the customers are so varied, there’s really room for everyone.

There have been several reports exposing the massive amount of fraud that is pervasive in the AdTech industry. Performance-based pricing seems like an obvious solution yet is still too often seen as the red-headed stepchild of online marketing. How do we bridge the gap?

Unfortunately there has always been and will always be fraudsters attracted by the performance-based pricing model. That’s why the Industry has so often been associated with  fraud.

However, people need to understand that the good CPA Networks are fighting fraud with innovation at the same pace that fraudsters are looking for new ways to generate fake conversions. Therefore, it’s much safer to put your trust in an established CPA Network instead of building your own affiliate program if you’re aiming for a performance marketing solution.

We – at CrakRevenue – utilize the industry’s most well respected fraud-detection services on the market which allows us to scan all leads & conversions generated to ensure that advertisers are only paying for real customers. We’ve also put in place an effective in-house fraud-prevention team to routinely monitor traffic.

That’s how CPA Networks can bridge the gap: by putting in place effective publishers management & fraud-detections systems and always – ALWAYS – improving them.

What does Affiliate Window’s acquisition of  ShareASale mean for the rest of the industry?

The acquisition is a great opportunity for the company to access a greater market share, and also benefit from the expertise of ShareASale.  Other than Affiliate Window having broader control of the market and greater resources at their disposal, there shouldn’t be any negative blowback for the rest of the industry. The fact that they will benefit from a broader market benefits everyone.

The industry remains very vast and there are an extraordinary number of niches. By opening up to a broader market, it will only help others to profit from this acquisition. This is good news for the industry and means that we can expect to see more collaborations/acquisitions between big companies in the future.


Analyzing stats and making sense of the numbers is Axel’s true calling, making him an exceptional team player. He maximizes revenues by sharing insights, bringing the number to life. He excels at communication and teaches others how to interpret the numbers themselves so that they see more than just a number. Active in the industry since 2009, Axel leaves behind a trail of success with his ability to calculate and decipher numbers. His ambition, drive, and expertise in the industry keep him at the top of the game.