Push marketing has emerged as a powerful way to diversify the monetization efforts of publishers by engaging large audiences with relevant and appealing offers. Monetized push marketing allows publishers to reach audiences after they have left a website. This innovative approach to monetization can help publishers scale existing efforts and are a logical addition to any publisher’s digital advertising strategy.

What Are Monetized Web Push Notifications? 

Monetized web push notifications display targeted third-party offers to push notification subscribers. If a subscriber clicks on a monetized web push notification, their click generates revenue for the website that sent the notification. Similar to display ads, monetized web push notifications can provide websites with an additional method of web traffic monetization.

An example monetized web push notification on a mobile device

Benefits of Adding Push Marketing To Existing Monetization Strategies

Publishers’ current monetization strategies can be scaled by incorporating monetized web push marketing campaigns, which offer the unique benefit of providing publishers with additional monetization real estate in the form of a subscriber’s desktop or mobile device. Push notifications can be shown whether or not a subscriber is online, as monetized web push notifications display on a desktop or mobile device, rather than directly on a website like traditional display advertisements. Implementation can be straightforward with minimal effort required when using the right technology, such as Aimtell (recently acquired by Digital Media Solutions).

An example monetized web push notification on a desktop device

Publishers Can Opt For Fully-Managed Push Marketing Monetization

Publishers looking to focus only on monetizing their web push notification subscribers can take a fully managed monetized approach, like the solution offered by Digital Media Solutions to serve optimized AI-powered web push notifications to their subscribers. A fully managed approach represents the easiest option for publishers looking for additional monetization opportunities that they do not have to manage themselves.

Can Monetized Web Push Notifications Compliment Existing Push Marketing Efforts?

Publishers already engaging in push marketing focused on retargeting subscribers can also monetize their web push subscribers. The Push Content Network (PCN), for example, is Aimtell’s monetization platform that enables push marketing users to continue their subscriber retargeting efforts and add in fully managed monetized pushes.

This approach can be an excellent fit for publishers already engaging in push marketing or those interested in getting started with push marketing as a re-engagement tool, affording publishers the flexibility to handle their own push marketing campaigns to re-engage their audiences and deploy monetized web push notifications that they do not have to manage.

Can Web Push Notifications Help Bolster Other Performance Campaigns? 

Publishers leveraging push marketing for re-engagement can deploy notifications to help increase awareness and results for other performance campaigns. Audience segmentation can help reach targeted groups of subscribers, which may improve push performance. Web push notifications promoting seasonal campaigns, surveys, sweeps and contests can be strong converters that are not too invasive to subscribers and can help scale ROI.

Should All Publishers Take Advantage Of Monetized Web Push Notifications?

Push marketing is an impactful way to reach audiences after they leave a website and can be beneficial for all publishers. Monetized web push notifications, in particular, can be a valuable opportunity for publishers to easily scale monetization efforts. Since push notifications will not compete with any on-site advertising, push marketing can be a good fit for nearly any publisher.

Are You Looking For New Ways To Monetize Your Traffic?

Monetized push marketing is worthy of a place in a robust digital advertising strategy. Push marketing campaigns provide options for publishers seeking full monetization or a blend of monetized and re-engagement-focused web push notifications. Once your push marketing campaigns are implemented, you need the right partner to help you further monetize your traffic. DMS Performance Ad Market (formerly W4) is committed to offering a diverse selection of high-yielding campaigns and providing the best publisher support in the industry. The DMS Performance Ad Market gives publishers the tools needed for maximum success, including one-on-one expert advice along with high-performing campaigns at industry-leading price points. We offer flexible, on-time payment terms to support scale. We value our publisher relationships, ensuring our publishers are handsomely rewarded for their loyalty and business.

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