Mac of all trades brings electronic products to consumers at an affordable price with superior customer service. Prior to partnering with Rakuten Advertising, mac of all trades was conducting baseline campaigns and needed a more innovative approach to all channels of performance marketing. Partnering together, the two companies analyzed their current approach, found opportunities to create efficiencies, and implemented new marketing strategies to create a more comprehensive and innovative multi-channel solution.

The Process

The marketing team knew they had to optimize, modernize, and reinvent their multi-channel approach to see continued growth and improve ROI. Through their account manager and campaign strategist, Rakuten Advertising developed an in-depth understanding of their business needs and created a new, customized multi-channel strategy.

After completing a thorough audit of mac of all trades’ existing channels, Rakuten Advertising drafted a cohesive multi-channel blueprint that would accelerate growth, planned how to easily and sustainably gather data and analyze it, and developed individualized methods for testing and learning from existing campaign data. The team also tested Connected TV as a new marketing channel. 

The Results

The efforts had a substantial impact on mac of all trades’ performance:

  • Return on ad spend increased to an 8:1 ratio
  • Social prospecting increased revenue by 129%
  • Display revenue increased by 63% YoY
  • Impressions increased by 121% and clicks increased by 304%
  • CTV test-and-learn campaign saw a higher audience share and 109% increased ROI 

 The Impact

Thanks to over 25 years of experience in multi-channel and affiliate campaigns, Rakuten Advertising was able to outperform the projected results. Mac of all trades’ performance marketing efforts was enhanced with new channels, better coordination across channels, better audience profiles and targeting, and optimized multi-channel campaigns overall. 

 “Rakuten Advertising staff I’ve worked with has been perfect. Creating strategies around multiple channels and being at the forefront of testing has exceeded expectations. Rakuten respected our needs while also pushing the boundaries compared to the competition.” 

– Amato Cole, Head of Marketing at Rakuten Advertising