Can a business thrive and contribute to a better world at the same time?

The increasing importance of corporate social responsibility for consumers, employees and stakeholders worldwide urges companies to align their activities with values and purposes that become part of their DNA.

Some businesses focus on compensating for the environmental impacts of their operations through conservation efforts, infrastructure investments, and the implementation of sustainable practices.

Others find relevant ways of giving back to their local community and generating positive societal impacts.

How does that translate into actions?

For Health and many other sectors, companies can be more socially accountable and connected with their audience by empowering people with information.

Breaking taboos and addressing stigmas related to mental and sexual health, for instance, can bring positive change by opening the conversation on delicate topics and encouraging affected individuals to get the medical care they need.

The right voice and tone can go a long way in busting myths and making people more comfortable addressing their health issues. Even humor can be a highly effective tool to turn a taboo topic into engaging content and boosted sales.

We define social stigma as the disapproval of a person or group based on perceivable social characteristics. It occurs when a group of people is linked with negative stereotypes or misconceptions that engender discriminatory attitudes and behavior.

Addressing stigmas is necessary for the progress of an equal society.
What’s more, contributing to this endeavor will likely put your business at the forefront.

Stimulate Action

Stigma drives silence, silence drives stigma.
What we don’t discuss, we can’t improve.

Fear of rejection and discrimination is what stops most people from seeking the help they need. One compelling and alarming example is the stigma of mental illness.

More than 60% of affected people won’t address their mental pain seriously, in large part because of stigma.

The same people will struggle with their symptoms for an average of 8 to 10 years  before seeking help.

Needless to say, we must reduce this delay as much as possible.

Our societies are required to help their people feel comfortable discussing their mental and physical issues and looking for solutions without fear or shame.

Each person in pain must acknowledge the fact that they are not alone.

Big challenge… Big reward.

Some Taboos are Harder to Break

A brand is loved by consumers when it creates emotional bonds and goes beyond its commercial role. 

For CrakRevenue, one of our challenges was to promote a client’s sexual-health-focused online service for Millennial men and open the discussion of erectile dysfunction.

To achieve this, we unleashed the power of influence with FansRevenue, our new fanbase monetization platform.

We collaborated with top-tier influencers to create engaging content focusing on couples and relationships.

We integrated our client’s message and benefits into real-life and humorous situations to build a strong connection between the brand and its target audience.

Finding the perfect match in terms of location, demographics and personality was the key. And it paid off! Brand awareness and conversions went through the roof.

In 2020 alone, our influencer marketing campaign generated over 20,000 new customers.

The whole campaign has involved 7 world-class influencers cumulating over 26M followers.

Since then, millions of American Millennial men have watched and reacted to the original content created for our client.

They now have humans to relate to, making them more favorable to discuss ED with their partners or medical providers.

So yes, businesses can do well by doing good.

Challenging taboos is a powerful way to gain trust among consumers and ensure they have all the information required to make conscious purchase decisions.

Empowering people to reconsider their perceptions and turn their concerns into action can make you rich, but above all, it will enhance your company’s relevance.

Building a stigma-free future must involve all parts of society.
All the way through, some brands will be at the top of consumers’ minds.

Will yours be one of them?

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