Once known as die-hard brand loyalists, digital amateurs and social media dabblers, Baby Boomers, roughly aged 55-75, experienced massive change during the pandemic in how they engage with friends, family and businesses. In 2020, Baby Boomers started spending more time online, for media consumption, shopping online and staying connected. But, that doesn’t mean Baby Boomers act and look like younger generations.

Advertising targeting Baby Boomers online benefits from unique consumer journeys based on the specific needs and desires of Baby Boomers, as outlined in the three steps below.

1. Baby Boomers Are Attracted To Advertising That Aligns With The Lifestyles They Want

Advertising targeting Baby Boomers may often be about solutions tied to the nuisances of getting older, but most Baby Boomers don’t think of themselves as “old.” Images targeting Baby Boomers should feel empowering and full of life.

Remember also that Baby Boomers are not only shopping online for themselves. Throughout the year, Baby Boomers are buying gifts for their families – sometimes families they wish they could see more and know better. Age- and interest-specific gift guides can be very helpful to Baby Boomers who want their gifts to be appreciated by their loved ones.

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2. Baby Boomers Want Simplified & Easy-To-Follow Conversion Paths

Baby Boomers are more comfortable online than ever before, but they’re still not digital natives.

Advertisers should create consumer journeys that appeal to Baby Boomers and seniors, with landing pages and tabs that are subject specific, like “feel safe” and “stay active,” and consumer journeys that make sense for those with less online experience.

Easily navigable websites and well-executed, creative landing pages (think bold calls to action with big buttons) can help drive conversions, especially when targeting non-native tech users.

Ads and creative targeting Baby Boomers should offer quick answers to questions, visible pricing options and easy access to contact information. Contact DMS to learn more about our impressive breadth of offers targeting the senior market and other audiences. Learn more about DMS publisher benefits.

3. Emphasizing Customer Service Features Can Boost Conversion Rates Of Online Shoppers

Online shopping by seniors (ages 65 and up) increased by 49% this year compared to last year, in terms of dollars spent online, according to The Washington Post. But, just because seniors are shopping online more, it doesn’t mean they’re completely comfortable or confident with online shopping. Brands that prioritize customer service, safety and convenience, including an easy-to-find toll-free number to reach a live customer service representative are likely to create loyalty among Baby Boomers and seniors. Learn more about DMS inbound call campaigns.

Digital advertising that leverages timely, relevant and helpful messages can benefit both publishers and advertisers looking to engage and convert Baby Boomers and other consumer audiences. Contact DMS to learn how our data signals help advertisers connect with the right audiences at the right time with the right messages to encourage action.

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