Admitad is a nine year-old CPA network that has hit a lot of people’s radar screens in the last 12 months. They’re growing fast and doing some interesting things, so last week I dropped into their Admitad Lounge event in Moscow. 1,500 advertisers and publishers drinking cocktails and making deals – what is not to love?

With a tagline of “Work hard – play hard” the event set out from the beginning to facilitate conversations between advertisers and publishers. Ksenia Pescherova, Admitad’s head of PR, told me, “we believe that if we can bring people together, then everyone can make more money. Collaboration and transparency build trust. High levels of trust let opportunities be explored faster.”

The party went on into the night as would be expected from an event with entertainment ranging from rap singers, break-dancers, standup, a top DJ and a Russian-African-American rapper. All-in-all it was a great example of how to do an industry event right, and it was refreshing to meet so many advertisers mixing it up with their top-performing affiliates and having a great time. 

Admitad are going to be rolling the concept out to their Indian network members in the near future. It’s great to see an up and coming company in the performance marketing space taking the initiative and investing in brand awareness and community building.