Behind many a great affiliate success story lies an unsung hero, and that’s great affiliate technology. Innovative affiliate platform technology acts as a supporting pillar of successful affiliate businesses, providing actionable data analysis and automated features that save affiliates time. And the less time you spend delving into the mechanics, the more you have to focus on what makes the biggest impact – strategy and scale.

At Perform[cb], we built our proprietary platform PerformLEAP(™) because we saw that the existing platforms at the time were not providing affiliate partners the tools and features they needed and deserved. That was over 5 years ago, and to this day we haven’t stopped putting out weekly releases to improve our technology for our affiliate partners.

Today, we’re highlighting two of our features that prove just how valuable great affiliate network technology can be – PerformPRIORITY and Weighted Distribution.

PerformPRIORITY Automates and Elevates

PerformPRIORITY (which you may recognize by its original name, MLOP, or Multi-Level Offer Priority), has remained one of our most popular features since it’s release in 2017. This tool allows affiliates to select one or more offers in a Priority Group, then select other “backup” offers in a Secondary Group. These secondary offers will be used only if the primary offers become unavailable.

Often, affiliates will place multiple offers in the same Priority Group and allow our platform to decide which one to use based on availability and performance. This set up is particularly useful in a vertical like Insurance, where some offers target specific states with specific day-parting rules, while others target different states at different times. By adding all these insurance offers to their main Priority Group, affiliates get a blend of offers that cover all hours and days of the week through just one link. PerformPRIORITY is the feature that removed the need for our affiliates to manually replace offers during nights, weekends, or when budget cap was reached, freeing their time to focus on big picture strategy. Its innovative functionality has made it a mainstay in many of our affiliates’ playbooks, and many of our proceeding features have been released with PerformPRIORITY compatibility in mind.

Notably, our new Weighted Distribution feature integrates seamlessly with PerformPRIORITY and has been providing some impressive EPC lift for our affiliate partners that have been utilizing it.

Weighted Distribution Provides Optimal Precision

Our Weighted Distribution feature caught on quickly with many of our affiliate partners – it was inspired by our partner and representative discussions, after all. This feature allows affiliates to select the percent of traffic, to the decimal, that they would like directed to each offer within an offer group. Weighted distribution can be used on any offer group scenario, whether it’s a standard traffic set up, or in conjunction with PerformPRIORITY or our Brand/Image Rotation feature.

Standard Offer Group Setup

With our traditional setup, affiliates can choose to have our algorithm select and serve the offer within their offer group that is most likely to convert for a particular consumer based on historical data. With Weighted Distribution, affiliate partners can input the exact percentage of traffic they’d like directed to each offer. Let’s say an affiliate has created an offer group made up of three offers. With Weighted Distribution, they can choose to have 50% of traffic directed to Offer 1, and 25% each to Offer 2 and Offer 3. Affiliates can also utilize the lock option, meaning one or more offers within an offer group can be locked at exact percentages, while the remaining percentage of traffic is split among the other offers via our algorithm.

This is the perfect feature for traffic types such as SMS or Survey where the offer itself doesn’t need to be brand specific, but more precise control over which offers are displayed more often is desired.

PerformPRIORITY of Brand/Image Rotation Setup

If utilizing Weighted Distribution in combination with PerformPRIORITY, affiliates can still choose to have 100% of traffic sent to their primary offer(s) until they cap, but if more granular control over how traffic is split among secondary offers is desired, Weighted Distribution can be chosen instead of our algorithm.

If an offer is brand sensitive, Weighted Distribution can be used alongside our Brand/Image Rotation feature, providing precise control over the percent of traffic each brand will receive within the rotation link.

Curious about our Brand/Image Rotation feature? Using this tool, affiliates can choose a particular vertical, then Brand/Image Rotation will display the product image and name within that vertical, along with that specific product’s landing page, that has the highest chance of conversion for each unique visitor.

A/B Test More Efficiently

A/B testing is a must for campaign optimization, and Weighted Distribution’s ability to split traffic precisely is a game-changer for improved A/B test accuracy and efficiency. Until now, the common way for affiliate partners  to A/B test two (or more) offers was to go through the process of setting up an individual campaign link for each offer, then monitoring the performance between the two. That’s double the work setting up campaigns and double the work monitoring for performance. By A/B testing with the Weighted Distribution feature, all offers being tested can be housed through just one link!

Weighted Distribution In Action

Though brand new, Weighted Distribution was adopted from day 1 with some of our top affiliates. Here’s a use case that illustrates just how impactful this update is:

A partner was running an Auto Insurance offer group where one of the top-performing offers had dayparting rules requiring a 7 p.m. redirect. The redirect was being sent to a different advertiser’s offer that allowed for night and redirect traffic that the original top-performing offer did not. With Weighted Distribution, the partner was not only able to increase the percentage of traffic to the top-performing offer during prime hours, but they were also able to direct some of their prime hour traffic to the offer that was formerly only receiving non-prime hour traffic. Our partner benefited from higher overall EPCs, while the top-offer received even more premium traffic, and the redirect offer gained prime time traffic in addition to the night and weekend traffic they were already receiving.

Designed with efficiency, transparency, and results in mind, our ever-popular PerformPRIOTIY and new Weighted Distribution features combine ease of use with big impact. Our goal is to not only provide affiliates with the tools and features they request but to apply our industry knowledge and analytics to develop features that perform even more than expected.

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