Press Release

This innovative and dynamic Performance Marketing Company has scaled up their business offerings to be able to offer these world wide

April 27, 2016, Hong Kong – Digital Raves is a performance marketing company that has been able to recognize the weaknesses in performance marketing that often leads many companies to failure rather than success. By identifying these flaws in this marketing system they have been able to come up with the solution that dramatically reduces the risk of performance marketing. As a result of Digital Rave’s success in achieving this it has meant that they have been able to lead their many clients to success with their performance marketing portfolios.

Digital Raves has a full understanding concerning the balance that needs to be struck between advertisers and affiliates when it comes to performance marketing. Each of these segments demands their own attention which is unique to one another. Knowing this has allowed the team of affiliate performance professionals at Digital Raves to become dedicated specialists to serve one or the other of the parties involved.

What this means is that advertisers who come to Digital Raves are going to be assigned a top notch Advertiser’s consultant who is going to totally devote their attention to this client. This expert will work closely with the affiliate consulting team to find the best fit for the publisher.

When the role is reversed and it is an affiliate who comes to Digital Raves they are treated with the same caliber of attention as the advertisers.

What this business model that Digital Raves has compiled allows for is teamwork which is the backbone of successful performance marketing.

Digital Rave’s message to new clients is,“Digital Raves is the right place to come to if you are looking for performance marketing success that is going to scale up your business and put you above your competitors.”

This is a company that believes clients deserve the very best expertise and support when it comes to their performance marketing campaigns. This means that clients need top access to the resources and tools that are going to produce for them. Digital Raves has worked hard and long to be able to put themselves into a global leadership position as performance marketing experts and has succeeded by offering impeccable services in Traffic Generation, Affiliate Recruitment, Outsourced Program Management as well as Affiliate Program Strategy and Launches.

About the Company:
Digital Raves is comprised of a highly talented, educated and experienced team of Performance Marketing professionals. Each consultant within the company has brought their specialized training to Digital Raves with passion and commitment. The company is recognized as a global leader in the performance marketing industry. Their core values are to offer only the very best in client commitment and services. Their mandate is the success of every client that relies on Digital Raves for their performance marketing needs.