• How to Scale Up Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign Today

    This is an original article from MaxBounty. Join MaxBounty *   *   *   *   * Becoming successful at affiliate marketing requires time, patience, ... Read Article

    What American Affiliate Marketing Players Need to Know About European Data Privacy Regulations

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The European data initiative ... Read Article

    Secrets To Growing A Boutique Network – Pt II

    Two weeks ago we spoke with Chris Patrick of MonsterAds about his unique approach to growing a world-class network. This week we ... Read Article

    Top Pay-Per-Call Verticals And Why They Matter

    As the #1 rated Pay-Per-Call network, we at Aragon have made it a priority to provide our affiliates and advertisers with a ... Read Article

    Advertiser Perspective: How to be strategic when buying CPM

    Effective media buying is a critically important component of successful campaigns. CPM-based media can sometimes be over-looked yet it offers real benefits ... Read Article

    7 Lessons From Aragon Advertising’s Leadership In Pay-Per-Call

    Finding success in pay-per-call marketing requires a network to carefully screen lead or call sources for compliance; manage and optimize call flow in ... Read Article

    Conscious Marketing: Walking in the Customer’s Shoes

    Global digital ad spend is projected to be over $270 Billion in 2018, equivalent to approximately one and half times the state ... Read Article

    Online advertising is a disaster. Except for you.

    At this moment almost every sector of the online advertising industry is a disaster, apart from affiliate marketing, that is. With so ... Read Article

    Blue Book Top 20 Announced 2018

    Congratulations to our number 1 ranked networks for 2018! Top CPA Network – ClickboothTop Affiliate Network – Rakuten Affiliate Network The BLUE ... Read Article

    Game Changer: Clickbooth Launches Consumer Demographic-Based Pricing Modifiers

    Press Release Online performance marketing, as a vehicle for achieving unparalleled company growth and consumer reach, challenges businesses to rethink and redefine ... Read Article

    Network Affiliate Platforms Help Publishers Make Money – MaxBounty Shows How

    Top-ranked CPA networks such as MaxBounty spend tens of thousands of dollars on software. These networks choose to invest in developing their ... Read Article

    TORO Advertising: Reputation & Trust – Key Factors When Choosing A Network Partner

    It doesn’t matter if you are a super-affiliate or a newbie affiliate: the most important thing to check before working a new ... Read Article

    One Of Performance Marketing’s Biggest Thinkers – Matt McEvoy Of MaxBounty Speaks Out

    MaxBounty has been the most consistently top-ranked CPA network in the world over the last five years. A recent acquisition has seen ... Read Article

    3 Vital Insights to Know about the Cross-Device Shopper’s Purchase Path

    Consumers today are device and channel agnostic, and seamlessly switch from device to device throughout a given day. In light of this ... Read Article

    Avangate Affiliate Network H1 2017 Benchmarks

    As 2017 comes to an end, here’s a wrap up showing our network activity during the first half of the year by ... Read Article
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