Unlocking Success with Pay-Per-Click

When it comes to online advertising, there are several ways for you to get paid for the traffic you send to advertisers. The most common ones in CPA networks are:

  • Pay-per-Lead: you get paid for every potential customer who shares their personal contact information with the advertiser, who can then follow-up on their interest
  • Pay-per-Sale: you get paid for every actual customer who buys the advertiser’s product or subscribes to a service
  • Revenue Share (RevShare): it’s a spin on the PPS model in which you get paid a percentage of the amount the customer you referred spends on a product or service offered by the advertiser

Basically, in most CPA networks, you get paid when you refer a paying customer, or at least a strong potential one that is likely to spend more than what the advertiser paid to acquire them. But what about the rest of your traffic? 

The click-through rate on ads averages approximately 2%, which means that out of 5,000 people who see an ad, around a 100 will click on it. And out of this group of 100 people, only 2 or 3 will actually convert and earn you a commission.

You can see how much traffic your website needs to generate to start seeing results and allow you to quit your day job. But those other 97 or 98 people who didn’t convert still clicked on the ad. It should be worth something, right?

What is Pay-per-Click?

That is where a pay-per-click (PPC) payout method comes into play and can become very interesting for affiliates who are looking for a way to unlock their traffic’s full potential and bump up their commissions. 

With PPC, instead of being paid only when you generate a sale or a lead, you can get a small commission simply by having a visitor click on an ad. 

It’s quite uncommon to see this kind of payout in CPA networks, but it’s the foundation of the most popular and successful ad platforms, such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising. 

Commissions on this kind of traffic are small, but they add up quickly since clicks are much easier to get than conversions. Pay-per-click can thus be an amazing opportunity for you… but where can you find this kind of program as CPA network affiliate?

Which CPA network offers Pay-per-click?

You know based on your experience that most CPA networks will pay you a commission only when you refer a paying customer or at least a strong lead. That’s pretty much the definition of what a CPA, or cost-per-action, network is: you get paid when an action (a sale or a subscription) is made. Clicks are usually not considered actions.

But that all changed when the CrakRevenue team decided it was time for them to come up with an exclusive, never-seen-before program among CPA networks. Their marketing and product development teams worked for months behind the scenes to create a new kind of offer that is unique to CrakRevenue. After teasing its new program for affiliates in late Q2 2023, they launched CrakClicks in July 2023.

What is CrakClicks?

You can probably guess it based on our intro to pay-per-click (PPC) models 101: CrakClicks is the first pay-per-click program to be offered on a CPA network. It’s the most exclusive program offered on CrakRevenue and a true game changer for our affiliates who are seeking to diversify and stabilize their revenue streams.

For the first time in its 13+ years of existence, CrakRevenue offers affiliates to be paid by the click in addition to the more traditional pay-per-lead (PPL) and pay-per-sale (PPS) models. As a participating affiliate in CrakClicks, your performance is thus not measured strictly in terms of sales or leads but simply based on the quality of clicks you generate from your traffic. 

Benefit #1 : Immediate results

With traditional payment methods such as PPL and PPS, the payout is much higher, but it can take a while before you make your first sale or lead. Take a look back at the math: several thousand visitors are required to yield a single sale or lead. With pay-per-click, you get paid as soon as a visitor clicks on the ad!  

The payout on PPC might seem low, but its more reliable, and you get almost an immediate return on your investment. 

Benefit #2: Lower effort and risk level

Implementing a pay-per-click campaign is much easier and yields sizable results almost right away. This makes your campaign (almost) effortless, but it is basically guaranteed to be profitable for you as you invested less time and less resources in setting it up. You can thus spend more time creating your own content—which attracts high-quality traffic—and less time managing complicated ad campaigns.

It is similar to how a savings bond will require very little effort on your part: you just need to invest the money, and you’re guaranteed a return on investment. There is no complicated stock management and no risk of losing any money. 

Benefit #3: Predictable and scalable revenue

Since the PPC model monetizes a larger chunk of your traffic, it is also more predictable than other models. It’s much easier to convince a visitor to click on an ad than to buy a product. It allows you to have a more stable basic revenue stream in your ad portfolio, which you can scale up or down more easily and predictably.

To reuse the previous finance analogy, you want to have part of your investments in guaranteed funds, like a savings bond, to make sure you have a minimum return on your investment.

Benefit #4: Avoid wasting traffic

As mentioned several times by now, it takes a lot of visitors to generate a single lead or sale. If you consider your whole conversion funnel, from beginning to end, about 0.04% of the visitors who saw the add will convert. This can make it quite difficult for you to gather significant data on the people who do convert if you only have a handful of conversions. 

Pay-per-click allows you to multiply by almost 50 the number of conversions—a click in this case. This allows you to get paid for each click, whether it results in a sale or not. You also gain precious data about the kind of people who might be interested in a product or service to fine-tune your conversion funnel.

What’s in it for advertisers?

You might wonder how a pay-per-click model can be good for an advertiser. After all, a visitor clicking on an ad doesn’t spend any money to accomplish that action, and they don’t give away any valuable information. So, what are the benefits for the advertiser?

Brand exposure

Not all advertising campaigns have to be (only) about sales, even if the end goal is, of course, to be profitable. Sometimes, a brand needs to increase its presence online, be visible, and appear as often as possible on the websites and social media its target audience is using. Doing so makes it more likely that a potential customer will think of them first if they need the product or service the advertiser offers. 

Better cost-effectiveness

Just as it is the case for affiliates, pay-per-click campaigns offer a rather good balance between cost and return on investment at a very low risk of losing money at the end if they are managed efficiently. They pay for each click, but the amount invested is much lower and will potentially generate many direct and indirect sales.

More data

Data is at the heart of most digital marketing efforts nowadays. Pay-per-click generates much more data on potential customers, which can then be used to optimize ongoing PPL and PPS campaigns to increase their conversion rate.

Why should you qualify for CrakClicks?

CrakClicks might be rather new on the market, but there has been a lot of research and testing prior to its launch. CrakRevenue has over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing, and nothing was left to chance in that project.

We spent a few months, before the July launch, beta testing the program with a select few affiliates to fine-tune the offers and gather as much data as possible. The results were beyond our expectations:

  • We paid over $100k in commissions, representing several thousand dollars per beta-tester
  • We were able to constantly optimize the campaigns and actually increase the CrakClicks payout for almost all participating affiliates
  • In the last month of testing, affiliates beta testing CrakClicks increased their income by 75% on average and boosted their click-through rate by 25% 

The program is out of beta testing and available for all qualifying affiliates. If you are interested in adding this string to your bow and boosting your revenue, contact your affiliate manager, and they’ll take a look at your traffic quality to offer you the best commission rate possible.

If you are not yet an affiliate with CrakRevenue, what are you waiting for? We are the only CPA network offering a pay-per-click program to complement your revenue stream nicely. Not only do you have access to this exclusive program, but joining CrakRevenue gives you privileged access to over 700 high-converting offers in five of the most lucrative verticals on the #1 and best-loved adult CPA network.


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