cpalead_PhoneMany people know CPAlead for having invented Content Locking and a host of different, innovative, solutions for internet marketers. That’s probably how the company has earned their reputation as both an internet marketing platform and a technology development firm. But there’s a secret that only few knew, until now that is.

What’s the big secret?
Chief Executive Officer Peter Tarr, says that CPAlead doesn’t set it to innovate at all. How is that possible? Didn’t they create the Content Locker which virtually started the incentive space that so many networks are part of today? Surely that’s a creation and innovation. “It turned out that way, but it’s not exactly black and white” says Tarr. In fact, Peter Tarr and his team see what they do as something entirely different all together. “We don’t randomly throw out ideas then test them out to see what sticks. It doesn’t work like that. We don’t think that’s an effective way of making affiliates happy. What we do is develop solutions to problems.”

A solutions to problems? Isn’t that a bit of a play on words though?
“I don’t think it’s the same. I do think that there is a lot of creativity within the company. However, everything we do addresses some sort of need. When we developed the Content Locker, it is because we felt as though there was a deficiency in the market place. We identified an opportunity to provide people with incentives to complete ads and realized that no one else was doing it. In that sense, it most certainly is innovative but to us it’s just problem solving and solutions. When we find that the market is in need of something or that there’s a deficiency in the industry, we see that as a problem and we take it on ourselves to be leaders in developing solutions. That’s why we’re known as innovators but the methodology is really simple. We create solutions that focus on delivering value to affiliates and giving people what they want. That’s how we got going with the business in the first place”. Staying true to your roots is certainly a recipe for success and CPAlead seems to be embracing that by delivering multiple solutions. However, not all solutions require creativity and some, according to Tarr, are simply a matter of number crunching, spending and taking big risks.

“One of the biggest struggles for an affiliate is maintaining a positive cash-flow. For a network, it’s extremely risky to pay out faster than net 30 since you expose yourself to fraud. But we try to think of it from an affiliate’s standpoint before making any decision. That’s why we recently decided pay all of our affiliates on a weekly basis. Can you imagine if people with regular jobs had to wait net 30 to get their paychecks? It would be very difficult. That’s why we took on the cost and risk of paying all CPAlead affiliates on a weekly basis, because we know it’s not easy for affiliates to live on a net 30 basis. Affiliates aren’t just another number to us, they’re real people with their own expenses.”

 “We pay all of our Affiliates on a weekly basis now. Can you imagine if people with regular jobs had to wait net 30 to get their paychecks?”

cpalead_graphicSo there is some problem solving that requires listening to the market and some that requires good old number crunching or risk taking.

But what about mobile specifically? What’s the problem there?
“Mobile is exploding and the quote on quote problems are good ones. In particular, there’s almost too much demand if you can believe it. Everyone is trying to get their app front and center. That means it’s a tough time to be a mobile advertising network but it’s also an exciting time to be a part of the industry.” Too much demand is a problem? According to Tarr, that seems to be the case. “Yes, app owners are flooding networks with requests and it’s increasingly difficult to manage those ads. As a result, networks either close themselves off to a lot of opportunities so that they can manage their inventory, which hurts affiliates, or affiliates end up with an overwhelming selection and find it difficult to pinpoint a campaign that will yield a successful ROI. By the time an affiliate is done split testing all of the different campaigns, they’ve probably already burned through a substantial amount of clicks. What’s worse is that mobile campaigns don’t last as long as desktop campaigns. Mobile Affiliates don’t want to burn traffic trying to figure out what works only to have those campaigns come down quickly.”

Fair enough but if it’s an industry problem then how does CPAlead provide a solution? Is there some sort of magical wand being waived that the rest of us don’t know about or perhaps some new technology?
“There’s no shortcut. It’s taken an enormous amount of data crunching coupled with a lot of trial and error. We actually have a statistics report that examines data from multiple sources like Google Play, iTunes, Amazon App Store and a handful of others including some app developers who have been kind enough to help us out in return for our analysis”

“Mobile traffic is exploding and we’re happy. We’ve been building up solutions for a long time and it’s paying off for our Affiliates”

So what exactly does this data do to help affiliates?
“Everything. It’s very important right now and will become even more so as the space continues to grow. By crunching data into a formula then working closely with our mobile app advertisers, we’re able to better predict which mobile apps will perform well. That in turns allows us to appropriately display these ads to our affiliates versus forcing them to burn their traffic sampling and trying to figure out where they’ll get a good EPC”.

It sounds like CPAlead has been prepping for the mobile era for quite some time. It’s here though, so what is the next step for a company that provides itself on generating solutions for affiliates?
It’s simple according to Peter Tarr, “We continue listening to affiliates and trying to find out what their needs are or if there are any additional opportunities. Listening to affiliates and serving them will always be our key to success. That’s not to say that we don’t already have projects in the works, based on existing affiliate feedback or opportunities that we’ve spotted, but we’re always listening to affiliates and the market place”.

If you want to try CPAlead out for your mobile or desktop needs, they’re as user friendly as it gets and very easy to find. A quick trip to and 2 minutes of your time should be enough to get you get started and give them a try.