Interview With Gus Brito – Director of Network Development,

Should advertisers or publishers care about whether their network partner(s) are investing in new technology or are innovating?

[GB] Both aspects are equally important to ensure our industry continues to grow exponentially. I believe advertisers and publisher should definitely have an interest in whether or not their network partners are choosing to invest in tech to stay competitive or innovating themselves to offer better performance and increased confidence. Not evolving your best practices from even just a few years ago will ensure your network gets overrun by mavericks of the tech and marketing landscape.

CPM display advertising seems to be full of fraud, with some estimating that as many as 60% of ad impressions are bot-driven. Doesn’t this mean that advertisers should be shifting budget to performance marketing? What would you say to advertisers reading this?

[GB] Why wouldn’t advertisers who are searching for the right ROAS be shifting to performance marketing? It provides millions of free impressions and pages filled with editorial coverage. Performance marketing has perfected ROAS, and by doing so it ignited the shift towards the reward model.

To advertisers, I’d say performance marketing provides acres of branding exposure for absolutely nothing and can generate millions of impressions (and thousands of clicks) touting why consumers should buy your products at no additional cost to you.

Many BLUE BOOK visitors ask for recommendations for advertiser or affiliate tools, everything from link-trackers to keyword tools, and from page builders to CRM. Would you share a few of your favorite tools with us?

[GB] I don’t aim to hide my bias; my favorite marketing tools are the ones we own and have built from the ground up. That said, I do use select monitoring tools for efficiency’s sake, including: brand search, keyword search, brand/offers content, traffic up/down stream, webpage performance, and audience demographics among many others.  


As Director of Network Development at, Gus Brito is responsible for the development and growth of the FlexOffers Affiliate Network. Gus managed the affiliate program from its infancy and helped create one of the largest and best run programs on the web. His hard work and dedication has been recognized by his peers and the performance marketing industry with several LinkShare Golden Link Awards. He has 7 Golden Link Awards nominations and is the recipient of Awards for Best Online Merchandising Campaign and Publisher’s Choice in 2007 and LinkShare’ s Golden Link Affiliate Manager of the Year Award in 2010.