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NEW YORK (April 18, 2013) — Performance marketing agency MediaWhiz today announced the expansion of its affiliate network, MonetizeIt, as part of its cross-publishing capabilities with parent company Matomy Media Group. MediaWhiz now offers a broader selection of domestic and international affiliate marketing campaigns, including game and mobile app downloads, as well as entertainment and dating campaigns. These are in addition to MediaWhiz’s extensive selection of branded campaigns in verticals such as finance, education, health and beauty and insurance.

Approximately 150 new affiliate campaigns will be initially available through MonetizeIt, the MediaWhiz affiliate network. The agency will also expand its base of experienced publishers, allowing advertisers to garner additional traffic to their websites and mobile apps.
“We’re excited to offer new and existing advertisers additional traffic reach” said MediaWhiz CEO Hakan Lindskog. “Publishers will benefit from a more diverse set of affiliate campaigns and verticals, and the ability to monetize their international traffic. This initiative represents an important step in our integration with Matomy and follows the recent launch of MediaWhiz Mobile, our mobile performance marketing practice.”

Benefits for Publishers:
Publishers will gain a variety of benefits from MediaWhiz’s new domestic and international affiliate marketing campaigns and verticals, including:
•    Improved access to join MonetizeIt, the MediaWhiz affiliate network
•    Mobile-specific affiliate marketing campaigns
•    3% lifetime referral bonus
•    Utilization of Matomy Media Group’s mobile tracking capabilities for a wide array of mobile campaigns

Publishers interested in MediaWhiz’s enhanced domestic and international affiliate marketing campaigns should contact Kyle Hanzas, director of business development, at +1 212.209.0023 or

Benefits for Advertisers
Advertisers will gain the following benefits from MediaWhiz’s expanded affiliate network:
•    Access to a broad range of domestic and international traffic
•    Testing and scale via in-house social media, search and display advertising teams, which generate more than 40 billion impressions per month
•    In-house compliance monitoring

Advertisers interested in monetizing their domestic and international traffic with MediaWhiz should contact Daryl Colwell, senior vice president of business development, at +1 646.442.5513 or

“The addition of new affiliate marketing campaigns and verticals through our partnership with Matomy is a great benefit to our advertisers and publishers,” said Peter Klein, senior vice president of media services. “New affiliates have more opportunities to join our network, while our advertisers benefit from additional domestic and international traffic sources.”

About MediaWhiz
MediaWhiz is North America’s leading performance marketing agency. The agency helps clients engage, acquire and retain customers more profitably through the combination of performance marketing capabilities, proprietary technology and digital-media expertise. Practice areas include: affiliate marketing, mobile, search, social media, display advertising, email and data acquisition.
MediaWhiz is part of Matomy Media Group, a global performance marketing company.
For more information, visit and follow MediaWhiz on Twitter at @MediaWhizInc.

About Matomy Media Group
Working across Web, social media and mobile platforms, Matomy Media Group offers advertisers, networks and publishers a range of opportunities integrated through one gateway, including an award-winning affiliate network, display ad network, mobile advertising solutions, search and social marketing, and virtual currency platforms.
With 7 branches worldwide and more than 250 employees, Matomy Media Group serves 40 billion impressions per month for 500 of the world’s leading advertisers across 7,000 publishers in 85 countries, and enables optimizing campaigns across all digital media to ensure cost-effective, controlled and high quality results.
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