TBG Digital reports that Facebook’s mobile-only Sponsored Stories ad format is getting 1.14% CTR, $0.86 CPC and $9.86 eCPM. Those figures represent almost twice the CTR and nearly three times the eCPM that Facebook’s standard desktop newsfeed ads attract.

More on Facebook’s mobile ad performance from TechCrunch:
Meanwhile, a quick look at a campaign in the tens of thousands of dollars by AdParlor showed that mobile ads have a CTR of 0.821% while traditional Facebook ad campaigns that mostly show up in the web sidebar with some presence in the web and mobile news feed had a CTR of regular ads have a CTR of just 0.032%. That’s a 25x better CTR on mobile. The campaign at gaining new fans for a Facebook page, and while the click-to-fan conversion rate on mobile was slightly worse – 55% on mobile versus 72% across placements – the improved in CTR makes up for it many times over.

Other sources in the ad industry confirm the high performance of Facebook mobile ads. Another Ads API giant Spruce Media told MediaPost that its tests with Facebook mobile sponsored stories have seen click-through rates from .8% to 1.7%, the same range as TBG Digital and AdParlor. Update: Nanigans, a top Ads API choice amongst gaming companies, says it’s seeing an average of 0.79% CTR for mobile Sponsored Stories, but with smart additional interest targeting layered on, CTRs range as high as 2%.